Media Lies and Western Propaganda, Responsible for Teenagers Fighting for Jihad

For 3 years now we have heard Western Governments stating in the media that Dr. Bashar Al Assad is killing his own people and should be stopped. Yet this is all lies and with 3 years now passed, not one Western Leader has given one shred of evidence to substantiate these allegations.

10264312_675393965839605_5332864972589362144_nYoung people are travelling to Syria to fight against what they think is a violent dictator, as that is what they have been seeing in the propaganda media. In fact it is the opposite that is true. These young people are going to fight against the Syrian people to help the Al Qaeda terrorists butcher, rape and murder innocent people. The very same people they think they are going to save, because they have been brainwashed by the likes of people like William Hague, who has been lying for 3 years. The parents of the teenagers in Britain, should blame him for the deaths of their children. The teenager from Brighton, who was killed last week, also has two brothers fighting alongside Al Qaeda/Al Nusra in Syria.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said the teenager’s death was “very sad news for the family”, and added it was the government’s advice that people should not travel to Syria.

Mr Hague told the BBC: “We are concerned about British nationals travelling to Syria. Do not travel – the dangers are extreme.”

He said the government was working with authorities and security services in other countries to stop people going to Syria, but admitted it was hard to stop British nationals travelling from the UK to Syria through third countries.

William Hague sympathises with the family of Abdullah Deghayes, but this is a family of terrorists, with two brothers fighting with Al Qaeda and an uncle who was in Guantanamo Bay, who before that was a convicted pedophile in Pakistan. Not quite the type of family you would expect someone like William Hague to sympathise with. Maybe he is feeling the guilt. He wants the terrorists to overthrow the Syrian Government, who are supported by the Syrian people, yet on the other hand, he doesn’t want the same terrorists to return to Britain. It is alright for them to kill Syrian citizens, but not British citizens.

10155642_750257571659474_2633644564456464549_nNow today we have two beautiful teenagers from Austria, who have travelled to Syria for Sexual Jihad. Again brainwashed by the Western propaganda media, thinking they are doing good. They are planning to marry terrorists for sexual jihad, yet they don’t realise what marrying these men entails. Not the traditional marriage that expect, but even when married they will be gang raped by many more terrorists and1924403_750257548326143_1609834851143059303_n then dumped. Many girls who have gone to Syria for sexual jihad, have returned to their countries pregnant with no idea who the father is. They are just used as prostitutes, for the terrorists under the guise of a fake marriage.

Parents of these gullible teenagers should make sure they know the truth and not get brainwashed by the western propaganda for war.


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