BBC Lies to Justify Cameron Arming Terrorist

BBC tonight reporting from the Turkish border covering the fight of the Kurds against the ISIl in Kobane, have started to say that the Kurds are now fighting alongside the FSA against ISIL.

The following video is GRAPHIC showing FSA and their warning to the world and beheadings.

Nothing could be further than the truth as the FSA and ISIL are one and the same. The BBC have probably been told to say this by Cameron to justify sending more arms to the FSA. Trying to make out that these butchers are the good guys; the very same terrorists who have been beheading innocent  Syrians for nearly 4 years, just to justify Britain arming these war criminals.

It is interesting to notice that the BBC have not once mentioned, that the Kurds, have been fighting alongside the SAA to combat the terrorists for some years now. Instead they are making the public think that this is a new problem for the Kurds. Of course they didn’t mention it a few years ago, because the BBC were denying that terrorists even existed in Syria. The first time they even mentioned terrorists was once ISIL moved into Iraq.

The Kurds have been fighting the terrorists in 2012 when they were known as FSA and now long after they have morphed into ISIL, the western media is now trying to tell the public that they have now broken away from ISIL and joined the Kurds in fighting them?

The western media is flooded with stories that the FSA are siding with the Kurds, which absolutely makes no sense at all. Are they trying to make us believe that they came out of nowhere and saved the day, or ISIL started fighting each other.

Obama is trying to make out that the FSA is made up of Syrians, but the FSA are the foreign fighters from around the world, who have been killing Syrians, since the beginning of the war.

Just a case of more media lies to justify arming terrorists. FSA/ISIL are all the same, murders, rapists and butchers. Most of all War Criminals and your government is arming them.



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