Once Again Western Media Spreading Terrorist Propaganda

As you are sure to see in the Western Media around the world, reports of ISIS conducting a mass execution in Palmyra. Spreading the lies of the ISIS propaganda machine of SOHR (The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights).

Once again another staged execution where you do not actually see the killings in the video. The SOHR have been spreading lies about ISIS taking Palmyra since May and yet there have been no actual proof that they are there.

So now they have made a staged film to prove that they are. Once again we see brand new uniforms, unlike the real killers. As you will see from the following photos that this new attempt of making a fake film has failed.

In the first photo printed in the Daily Mail claiming that ISIS is leading the condemned men into the Palmyra Colosseum for execution.

You will notice trees growing the other side of the wall behind them as they enter. On the second photo you see an aerial shot of the same place, but with no trees anywhere near the colosseum, proving it was filmed elsewhere. There are plenty of photos of Palmyra on the internet, for comparison. Once again we see the Western Media spreading ISIS lies.

The citizens of Palmyra were evacuated, more than a month ago.



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