rrested terrorist confesses it’s ISIS: Militants use Turkey as the main road to Syria

15 September 2014, Monday

A member of ISIS’s Iraqi forces arrested confessed that terrorists still use Turkey as the main road to Syria.

18-year-old Hamad al-Tamimi, known by his war name as Abu Walid, said he was recruited online from ISIS-when he was a student of religion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tamimi, who was arrested by Iraqi forces during a military operation in the western province tëAnbarit, said Saudi Arabia had left to go to Kuwait in July and from atykishte fled to Turkey before joining the militants tekfiristë’s ISIS qëvepronin in Syria.

“There are different nationalities,” CNN said quoting him.”There Norway, America, Canada, Somalia, Korea, China, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon and other countries of Europe as Germany and France,” said Tamimi.

A CIA source said that more than 15 thousand militants from 80 countries operating in Syria and Iraq.

“I knew from Germany and Britain Abu Hamzanë one called Abu Daud, while one American named Abu Ibrahim,” Tamimi said, adding that all individuals were young.

Saudiani said that he would give “shivered” so-called ISIS’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, after 22 days in a religious indoctrination camp.

He added that he had been training at a military air base in the Syrian city of Rakkas.

Tamimi said that after a period of shkrurtër in Aleppo, in northwest Syria, the order came to move towards the border with Iraq, which really does not exist, where the ISIS militntët’s fight against Iraqi forces near Haditha, since they need reinforcements .

ISIS’s terrorists have control over some areas in Syria and have taken swathes of themYou neighboring Iraq.

They are known for their horrific acts of violence, including cutting the heads of slaves in areas that have received.


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