Aleppo Jihadists “whip” an activist who did not mention al-Nusra Front in his report

Most of the reports of the newspapers are talking about the field situation in Aleppo and its countryside and about the acts of Free Army in it specially the foreign fighters who came to the economic capital of Syrian.


The British Network “Sky News” said yesterday that “the number of Jihadist groups, which fight against the Syrian Army, is increasing pointing out that they influx to Syria from various Arabian countries”

The network considered “the inflowing of these groups to Syria after two years of breaking out the crisis in it, would threaten the existence of Free Army militia”.

Al-Safer newspaper has reported that “There are tens of the armed Jihadist battalions in Aleppo, who professionalized the kidnapping and the looming under the name of Islam and according to their forensic committee they arrest persons and spill on them the sentences of prisoning or whipping or death sentences”.

The newspaper points out that “One of the armed men groups, called by “the Islamic Front” leads most of the operations to control over the military airports and bases, refuses to work under the name of Free Army militia”.

“Members of al-Nusra front attempted to arrest one of the media activists in Tal Abiad in the charge of not mentioning the name of al-Nusra front in the news that talk about controlling the Aleppo countryside” the newspaper reports one of the terrorist acts of the Front.

The newspaper mentioned the story of the “Judiciary committee”, who arrested an activists, called Wael Ibrahim in Bustan al-Qaser neighborhood, to its position in the charge of refusing the “Islamic Succession” and he was spilled by whipping, where his denying to these charges did not rescue him from the punishment specially after adding the accusation of throwing the Islamic flag on the ground in one of the demonstrations, which was documented by the supporter of the forensic committee in videotape, published in social network websites under the name of “the people wants the Islamic Succession.

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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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