Moscow Calls for West to Pressure Extremists in Syria to Stop Terrorist Acts

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russia condemned the terrorist bombing which hit al-Mazraa neighborhood in Damascus, calling upon all influential countries to demand extremists in Syria immediately stop such terrorist practices.

427195_491194387611537_501398473_nRussian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, stressed Moscow’s condemnation of this terrorist operation, adding that “Once again, we call upon all countries and parties, which might influence the extremists and radicals, to pressure them and demand immediate stop of such terrorist acts and armed violence in order to create appropriate atmosphere to hold a Syrian dialogue that is based on Geneva statement issued last June, 2010.”

Lukashevich noted that the bombing caused damage to the surrounding residential buildings and the Russian Embassy in Damascus, stressing that none of the Embassy staff members or their families were affected in the bombing.

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One Response to Moscow Calls for West to Pressure Extremists in Syria to Stop Terrorist Acts

  1. Peter brown says:

    Considering the general escalation of the foreign sponsored terror and assault upon the Russian Embassy, Alexander Lukashevich’s response is measured and statesmanlike. It is time the West and their puppets realised that their warped propagandist stance has worsened the situation in Syria. Their violent intervention has failed and they must now allow real dialogue to take place.

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