CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors

Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention.

The primary “witness” that the mainstream media is using as a source in Syria has been caught staging fake news segments.  Recent video evidence proves that “Syria Danny”, the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN, is really just a paid actor and a liar.

While Assad is definitely a tyrant like any head of state, a US invasion of the country is a worst case scenario for the people living there.

By pointing out that the mainstream media is orchestrating their entire coverage of this incident, we are not denying that there is a tremendous amount of death and violence in Syria right now.  However, we are showing that the mainstream media version of events is scripted and staged propaganda.

The following video shows him contradicting himself while off air, and even asking crew members to “get the gunfire sounds ready” for his video conference with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

“Syria Danny” has also appeared on many other news programs, and every single time his story on specific events has changed.

This is not the first time that mainstream media has been exposed as propaganda, it happens all the time, especially during times of war.

Some of the most hyped up news images of our time surrounding war were not actually real but were simply public relations stunts, designed as psychological warfare operations.

No one in America can forget the image of Saddam Hussein’s statue being toppled and covered with an American flag, yet few people realize that this was a hoax, a staged psychological operation coordinated between the military and the media.  In July of 2004 journalist Jon Elmer exposed an internal army study of the war showing that this whole statue scenario was indeed a set up.

In the article Elmer writes “the infamous toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Firdos Square in central Baghdad on April 9, 2003 was stage-managed by American troops and not a spontaneous reaction by Iraqis. According to the study, a Marine colonel first decided to topple the statue, and an Army psychological operations unit turned the event into a propaganda moment… The Marines brought in cheering Iraqi children in order to make the scene appear authentic, the study said.  Allegations that the event was staged were made in April of last year, mostly by opponents of the war, but were ignored or ridiculed by the US government and most visible media outlets.”

The statue hoax was just one example in a long list of lies and psychological operations surrounding the multiple wars in Iraq.  At the onset of Operation Desert Storm in 1990 a public relations firm by the name of Hill and Knowlton spent millions of dollars on the government’s behalf, constructing news pieces that would sell the war to the American public.  One of the most moving pranks to come from this push to war was the testimony of a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, known only by her first name of Nayirah.  In a videotaped testimony that was later distributed to the media she said “I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital, While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.”

Sounds horrible huh?  Well, luckily it never happened, this too was a fabricated event designed to dehumanize the Iraqi people.  The whole thing was exposed when the journalists discovered that the witness Nayirah was actually the daughter of a US ambassador who was being coaxed by military psychological operations specialists.  If the government and media cooperate to deceive the American public during times of war then there should be no doubt in your mind that the same techniques are used during times of peace, and especially elections.

The following clip is another classic staged news segment that was aired by CNN:


We Must Not Forget the Film of CNN Blowing up a Pipeline in Syria For News

CNN Crew Blow Up Syrian Pipeline To Blame on Government


CNN destroy the pipeline which gives fuel to the Syrian people and then laugh about doing so. Do these people deserve to go to jail? What do you think?

Without CNN the pipeline would not have been destroyed. The Syrian people suffer because of CNN actions. If the media did not show all the terrorists films, innocent people would not have been killed. The media have blood on their hands for every death which has happened in Syria. They should be tried for war crimes, because they are the cause of thousands of deaths.


What would the US call it if a team of journalist went into their country and blew up a pipeline just to make a news story. They would be sent Guantanamo Bay as terrorists, yet it is ok for the US to enter other countries illegally and cause terrorist act.


You can understand now why Syria is against the media being being in the country, when this is how the behave. These three should all be charged with acts of terrorism. The USA started with the war on terror and now the are the ones who are the terrorists. Double standards all round.

About friendsofsyria

Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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  17. BeachN says:

    Hey..They calling CBS/60 minutes on the carpet for airing inaccurate segments so bring all the other Propaganda machines to the forefront.. The powers that be don’t need to single out one because the report made the government look bad…lol (besides ..the citizens already know our government is spinning out of control with the CIA leading the pack while answering to no one).

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  21. Michael Fleming says:

    very sad – America has become a living script for a wild west movie – you kill others – you kill yourself – you stand behind the right to bear arms – your corporations wreck hell in America and overseas and yet most Americans like everyone else are good people – why do you allow this to happen on your watch
    America the Wild West indeed

    • MRC says:

      Education as a whole has been torn assunder, with often times young children taking the brunt of any governmental budget cuts. Water supply is largely fluoridated and chlorinated. Food is used as a weapon. Mass psychological warfare on its on citizens. This is why… The machine is set. The craziest thing is I don’t think the machine is American..

  22. Vance says:

    Nothing surprising here about the media faking the news or manipulating it. Been going on for decades.

    Nelson Rockefeller said it in the 1960’s:


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  26. View Point says:

    Interesting how many comments there are…so who are you all really and what do you want?

    • BeachN says:

      Someone commented on how many messages were here and WHO ARE WE and WHAT DO WE WANT???? I find that post rather weird… I can tell ya what I want…I want my COUNTRY BACK!! I want my rights to STOP BEING VIOLATED ever since 911…I want Obama OUT of office along with every other lying Politician who ever entered the Capitol building. I want the CIA investigated and done away with.I want Benghazi investigated and those who allowed our citizens there to be murdered, I want them prosecuted..I want any and everyone who participated in the 911 fiasco put behind bars or given the death penalty..I don’t ask for much (lol) I just want justice and my country back..I hope that answers your question…

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  29. Carl Hartman says:

    News is entertainment. Since when has it been illegal for entertainment organizations to play fast and loose with the truth? What laws exist telling anyone they have to be truthful in the news/ Freedom of the press and speech no where says that people must tell the truth about news. (Short of liable and slander.) What is truth? How could Congress ever dictate people tell the truth? Whose truth? If you believe the news or information you see broadcast are a fool or ignorant. Stop complaining. All media outlets and politicians spin information to make money.

    • Jim Freeman says:

      News is entertainment? That’s quite a stretch. Apparently you think we need LAWS to enforce journalistic accuracy. That pretty much mocks the thousands of journalists who have lost their lives bringing us what was once called ‘news.’ Let’s just give it all up and play video games.

    • BeachN says:

      Why is it so difficult to speak the TRUTH??? It’s really not very hard at all.. unless you have an ulterior motive you are trying to accomplish…as our government does..

  30. BeachN says:

    CIA is behind worsening the Syrian crisis so Barack Obama can justify another “Dirty War,” bombing Syria and conducting targeted killings to topple its president in another illegal war of aggression.

  31. Syria Danny says:

    Oh boy are you people dumb!

  32. Reblogged this on thepoliticalvagina and commented:
    What can I say?

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  34. Johnny HarmonBerg says:

    Want to find out who Assad really is?

      • BeachN says:

        LMBO…. Have seen this technique used many times during the BP disaster.. but I have to say this is the funniest one I have ever seen lol…People like this will always be in the middle of any action going on to add confusion and doubt and to turn the people against each other.. Take this with a grain of salt and stay with the facts .. God knows there are enough facts to keep us busy without garbage like this.. Only question I have is how in the world could he keep a serious voice while making this video??

    • BeachN says:

      LMBO…. Have seen this technique used many times during the BP disaster.. but I have to say this is the funniest one I have ever seen lol…People like this will always be in the middle of any action going on to add confusion and doubt and to turn the people against each other.. Take this with a grain of salt and stay with the facts .. God knows there are enough facts to keep us busy without garbage like this.. Only question I have is how in the world could he keep a serious voice while making this video??

    • BeachN says:

      (Trying to post this for the “Johnny HarmonBerg” video that was posted but it keeps showing up in the wrong place.. Please forgive the duplicates…Delete them please…)
      LMBO…. Have seen this technique used many times during the BP disaster.. but I have to say this is the funniest one I have ever seen lol…People like this will always be in the middle of any action going on to add confusion and doubt and to turn the people against each other.. Take this with a grain of salt and stay with the facts .. God knows there are enough facts to keep us busy without garbage like this.. Only question I have is how in the world could he keep a serious voice while making this video??

    • linda254 says:

      Did you post this video as a joke? DGB is a wack job.

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  36. Whitehawk says:

    This is a pro-Assad site, and should be treated with the same healthy skepticism as an anti-Assad site. Agenda’s always muddy the truth.

    • We do not kill Syrians, film it and blame it on the government. We are the voice of the Syrian people not the American backed butchers. This is not a pro Assad site. This is an Anti-Lie site. Only brainless idiots still believe that Assad is killing his own people. Why don’t people think for themselves instead of being brainwashed by media lies. Two and a half years into the war and people are still believing what Al Qaeda are telling them.

      • IvanRider says:

        That is what I have been trying to say for well over a year now. Assad is no saint. But it’s very telling that John McCain can shake hands with the al-Queada guy who not that long ago ate another man’s liver raw, live on camera, and somehow McCain sees nothing wrong with that. And much of America shrugs and goes back to playing Candy Crush on Facebook.

        Like with Germans in the 1940s concerning Berlin, the news of the great evil that has descended on Washington in 2012 is so extreme, that the weirdness censor in many Americans’ brains kicks in and tells them it can’t be real. They retreat to Angry Birds or food stamps or whatever the heck the latest fad is on their iPads for comfort, all while hooking up for casual sex and expecting the government to pay for their abortions if the condom breaks.

        Anything to live in denial that much longer, because they cannot bear the coming wrath. For trying to warn them, I have been labeled a “doom and gloom prophet,” among far worse things. I’ve had my network attacked by vandals, my Facebook groups zapped by pro-pedophilia lunatics, been blackballed from employment in my field, had old classmates accuse me of being “racist” without bothering to back up that claim, and had completely bogus stories made up about me on sites that I’d never heard of before.

        America is the new Animal Farm. You can go down the line.

      • BeachN says:

        Not only are they believing what Al Qaeda are telling them …they are HELPING THEM! My country …fraternizing with the enemy…giving them arms …bringing in mercenaries….Aiding and abetting what my own country has declared as the wanting to be side by side with them to kill…I do believe , when I last looked , that was grounds for TREASON? WHERE ARE MY COUNTRIES LAW KEEPERS??? Why have we not had congressional investigation of Bengazi, the CIA and Obama??? They can no longer be allowed to run roughshod, killing at their discretion…

    • Henri says:

      This pattern of thought t is a typical for teenager.

    • The Kid says:

      and it’s those agendas that keep some siblings apart with equal abuses of power taking place…now imagine if those two siblings powers merged…God will move humanity and those that violate human rights will be held accountable..keep those accusations coming USA and UK…we’ll talk about it in Geneva…

      • lol... says:

        Hey kiddo…hows that weather up North…not too good on the lungs eh? yeah…hang in there…so what’s with the folks across the street moving out in the middle of the night? oh right…minions…I guess that red,white and black truck line up said it all? lol…lol…lol…oh kid you are too smart for your own britches sometimes…tow the line now!
        God help us all if you and Assad meet and hang out…the world will be educated eh? lol…
        Just remember “be nice to baby” lol….humanity is still young now…just keep teaching!!!

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  38. TreeOfLiberty says:

    Not a big surprize about Anderson Cooper being that his mom is a Vanderbilt, one of the most well known Illuminati families in this country. Main stream media newsrooms are full of CIA just like Cooper, ever slowly pushing their new world order agenda through propaganda and staged BS.

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  40. homni says:

    it might or might not be propaganda, but the fueling of the fire is evident on both sides and on every post. you dont want war? promote peace! if you side with hate, you are as responsible for the war as your opponent. learn how to love, it will change your life.

    • Henri says:

      Do you want to teach how necessary live peoples, who every day lose their near relations, peoples who waits when the Strongest State in the world will bomb their Motherland in a state of Lithic age, like Libya?
      Go to teach your father.

  41. Enough is enough, Syria is NOT Libya, Iran is NOT Afghanistan or Iraq.
    Stay out of Middle East, NO more wars for Israel.

    • vc50er says:

      1. Iraq attacked Kuwait because Kuwait closed off their only access to the sea at the request of the Bush administration. I forget the name of the port.. Kuwait was once part of Iraq.
      2. Libya under Gadhafi had zero % homeless, zero % unemployed, zero cost schooling, zero cost college, zero interest loans. The homes could not be foreclosed on. Lay off was an unknown word. He brought water up from Africa. In small countries in Africa people had to get loans from the IMF at outrageous interest rates. Gadhafi started a bank there that gave zero interest loans and funded it with $300 billion. I could go on.
      3. The U.S. mercenaries in Syria want the U.S. to attack. Chemical Weapons (Weapons of little destruction) is the way to achieve that. Assad has nothing to gain by gassing the people. The U.S. needs to get rid of Assad in order to attack Iran.
      4. Iran NEEDS nukes. They are against their religion so they have no interest in them. Israel had a multitude of nukes pointe right up Iran’s behind and always threatening to use them. The U.S. has been wanting to attack Iraq since they kicked the Shaw out.
      5. Stay out of Middle East, NO more wars for Israel.

  42. Rich090 says:

    There, They’re and Their. Come on! For crying out loud.

  43. insomniac says:

    If you read this article and believe it straight out of the box then please read the following bullshit report:

    My opinion in a nutshell: The article is propaganda itself about unproven claims of propaganda.

    While I agree that propaganda in the media has been abundant over the years, I think that it is entirely wrong that spreading belief to others who may be suggestible, about an alleged and unproven propaganda conspiracy before any evidence is put forward to back up its claims can be equally as harmful.

    This article links supposedly related events, tenuously at best. It is worded in a way as if these prior events that have happened years and countries apart reported on by other individuals and agencies for different reasons and means, are somehow related and suggest a definitive propaganda plot across all American mainstream media regardless of situation, context and specifically timeline in relation to the reported event. SURLEY though… this article itself is evidence to PROVE that a there is an actor in the Syrian crisis one that CNN themselves have actually ‘paid’ as part of a US funded government psych war. I suppose I’ll just believe it without researching myself because it’s easier this way. It must be right, who would write an article that long if it wasn’t? *End Sarcasm* There’s too much belief and conviction by the author in these things and not enough facts and details to even begin to take them seriously.

    All the events that this article draws into other than things happening in Syria, are good and well but have to be taken in their own context, separately as each have completely individual circumstances and reasons behind their ties to the word propaganda.

    The Saddam statue toppling: The media did have foul play with this coverage, it can be classed as propaganda as an opinion only. Pre-orchestrated? again just a conspiracy/allegation, no real proof.
    I studied it in Uni and I have seen other studies of how the footage of this event was shot. It appears as though there are lots more people attending when in actual fact only a handful of people including military where there. They use closed in shots on the statue and crowd to ensure the scene appeared busy and overcrowded, cropping out the empty and sparse background. Here’s a picture from video footage showing the whole square instead:

    (the poor quality is due to this being a video feed from a crap camera, of which footage is still publicly available).
    Now compare that to a media shot:

    The BBC website had the honesty to say that “dozens” of Iraqis were involved, but this grain of truth was swamped by the overwhelming impression of mass joy from other apparently crowded photos and coverage about the event.
    Who really knows if this was preorchestrated, there is no evidence to prove that it was. Who’s to say the media didn’t just fuck up. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if only a few people turned up to celebrate this moment after what they were all trying to achieve? A photographic journalist trained to get the best shot is going to frame his pictures based on what he has been taught or his own personal beliefs, no doubt he was there for a reason with a bias of his own, convicted to his ideas. Maybe it was his boss’s conviction, maybe that individual at the time didn’t think about the full picture and the controversies it would carry with it. Who knows, maybe the military planned what happened with the statue and had a say in what shots were taken, where, when and why.

    While the conspiracy theories of so called ‘crisis actors’ have been around for a while, there is no real evidence anywhere to support claims that they are real. If proven correct CNN would get sued left right and centre, there would be public uproar from all other media outlets. (I am happy for someone to prove me wrong with this). Sketchy YouTube videos of similar looking people appear mashed together from time to time with titles like ‘Proof of crisis actor’, ‘Sandy Hook Crisis Actor’ etc. The uploader cant tell those people apart and thinks he is going to change the world with his revelation, the same revelation is enough to mask any doubt in those suggestible enough to believe.
    It’s the subtle illusion of crappy facial recognition, people who need glasses or people that shouldn’t have such a big imagination. The uploader usually fills their videos with subtitles and false claims and spreads theories with alarmist views to suggestible people who all click as fast as they can to copy and share the content to their own blogs writing about how their un-validated claims are fact, trying to convince more people to their cause. It’s a psychological virus of laziness if you ask me, its a lot easier to believe something that sounds like it could pretty much be true, than spend the time it takes actually researching it to see if it’s actually true. Think about it. People just can’t be arsed. People are too opinionated to accept that they don’t know the real answers and just sit on the fence. They want something to believe in, they want to take a side and they want something to talk about. Obviously I’m generalising here.
    Here’s an example:

    Freeze frame at 2mins 29sec Here is your so called evidence of a crisis actor at work, nearly 30,000 views with 287 up votes and 40 down votes, goes without saying, it must be true, those 4 pictures of the same person at different events. What could possibly break the logic in this theory.

    Top Left:
    Victoria Muñoz
    A friend of Nancy Lanza (The mother of the killer from the sandy hook shootings.) 14th Dec 2012.

    Bottom Right:
    Brenda Baca King
    Church pianist, Local Witness at the time of the Alberqurie New Mexico catholic church stabbing. 29th April 2013.

    You can look up the other two if you really want. But let’s just say for safety’s sake that they really are both the same woman, some how the woman in the top left with her lovely wonky bridge and prominent nasolabial folds (look it up) and frown lines managed to afford dorsum surgery on her nose to straighten that fucker out, then she flew to Mexico, bought a house and learnt to play the piano like a motherfucking pro, made friends with all the locals and what, all within less than a year! Obviously this conspiracy theory has solid evidence… clearly. They look similar therefore they must be the same. Take a look at this:

    Clearly Nicholas Cage is actually a time traveling vampire intent on becoming the one true god (which he has more than achieved I’ll have you all know). If only I had this logic when I was younger:
    Where’s Alec Jones and David Icke at. I am more than sure they would confirm this, they would probably also tell you that the crisis actor woman’s knee’s actually bend backwards which is why you never get to see her lower half on screen.

    Now back to the article at hand…
    The video is at least over 18 months old, and was posted on YouTube in March 2012, it’s nothing to do with the current syria issues. The subtitles are sketchy at best, not all of the dialog is translated, only a few select parts and the translations seem dodgy too. It’d be interesting to see what an actual legit non youtube version would read like. I bet it wouldn’t say “my fingers are freezing fetch me a small matress”. Also if incorrectly translated words can very easily be taken out of context.
    Danny Abdul Dayem is according to Wikipedia, ‘a British citizen of Syrian descent who came to prominence during the Syrian uprising’. He is a citizen-journalist who reported from Homs, with his own equipment and/or crew. He is not part of CNN or affiliated with CNN other than the fact he has either sent them video footage or they took his footage from another source which they have then decided to use. Whether or not he gets paid for this who knows. There has been controversy following his footage. In no way is CNN responsible for this person and to suggest that it is ‘CNN have used him to stage fake news about Syria’ is a ridiculous conspiracy theory and if anything, he used CNN and exploited their idiocy to get on air. Most likely I would go as far as saying that CNN probably failed to bother with any sort of validity checks to the claims he makes and slapped him straight on prime time news. And yes they really can be that stupid, just take a look at this if you haven’t already seen it:
    Not CNN but you get the idea, it can happen to any media outlet. But really, Who knows what the hell is going on with this guy unless someone who knows him talks about him or can corroborate his stories. If you believe one voice on a story that effects an entire nation you should think about why you believe things so easily and why you’re the type of person that also believes in Ghosts, Aliens and Christianity… because I know you do.

    The other events that this article tries to tie into I’m not saying are bullshit, some are good examples of propaganda. The main difference between those events and this one, they are past events, this one is on-going. They are exposed events. Stories have been told, witness accounts documented. Truths revealed with as much evidence as we are ever going to get.

    Here’s a quote from the about section of the friendsofsyria website:
    ‘The facts that you might not know about this site:
    We are from the West and have nothing at all to do with Syria.’
    The author of the article is probably a guy sat at home in naught but his pants writing a blog thinking he knows everything there is about the situation in Syria. Eating ice cream straight from a ben and jerry’s tub without a spoon, dribbling, complaining that he can’t cope walking all the way to the bathroom tap for a drink because it’s just too far. boo hoo. shit, did I just describe myself? I’ll clearly admit I know very little but I’m not going to lead others into false belief’s with conviction, just because I have certain ideals that I feel the need to make everyone else follow. The main reason I’m ripping the article is because bored. 2.I smelt bullshit by the title alone and it aggravated me enough to start writing a comment. 3. I started a small comment but decided that I couldn’t properly put across my opinion articulately enough so carried on expanding the comment until I got too far in and then couldn’t turn back because I’d invested too much time.

    There is always propaganda on both sides of any war forged deliberately or just created out of ignorance from those who are unaware, they are important weapons to wage, leaving the truth in its wake. Even if you don’t believe most of what CNN reports, you probably shouldn’t have any more reason to believe this article or others like it.

    One thing I am amazed by, is just how many views this badly written factually lacking website has:
    1,085,349 Hits!

    My actual opinion on the Syrian crisis is neither for or against military intervention by the US or UK, basically my opinion is I don’t have an opinion, I know too little to possibly comment on the matter and feel more apathy towards getting involved by educating myself any further with it. I’d rather stay far removed playing saints row and hitting aliens over the head with a giant dildo on my Xbox 360. I’ll just sit here on the fence, waiting for the world to fuck itself in the ass and then read/watch the aftermath on-demand in a few years time with an ever increasing bitter disgust at the human race.

    • Jason Buzbee says:

      Wow, look it up its on every website. Not a fake article.

      • Things says:

        The sites that this article are featured on are not reputable sources for news.

      • We published this story when Danny was caught out for his lies and CNN blew the pipeline for news, a year ago. We knew Danny was lying long before he was caught out on CNN and BBC. We cannot find a reputable source for news that is why this was started. All we see in news that is biased towards war. Try and find the BBC Documentary called Reporters, or something like that. It is all about how the media lied about the Iraq war. All the things they did in Iraq and were ashamed of, they are doing all over again.

      • And don’t forget, it’s on the internet so it has to be true.. hahaha.

      • vc50er says:

        Reputable source of the news is an oxymoron.

    • usman says:

      it looks like that someone paid you to prove this article as propaganda. Basically you are doing your own propaganda… how i know this? the amount of effort you put into this post of yours. No one would do it unless he is part of the party accused. And TLDR bro…

      • Things says:

        Too long, didn’t read:

        You’re on a site talking about politics. Politics deal with real-life issues that affect us – real grown up stuff – and you’re too lazy to actually read others’ opinions? Yet somehow, while NOT reading the comment, managed to formulate an opinion of the opinion that you decided not to read?

        I don’t have to be paid to research, talk about, and give a shit about the truth. You, maybe, but not myself. We should be opening our minds and coming together instead of blindly picking sides.

      • John Dough says:

        @things thank you so much for not only your original post but this follow up answer to usman. no yo don’t need to be paid to research and look up shit. in fact diligent citizen journos like you (whether you agree with this distinction or not, you are close to one) are what help the internet bullshit a bit easier to pilfer through.good shit man, from a real journalist, thank you.

    • john doe says:

      After reading this last part “..basically my opinion is I don’t have an opinion, I know too little to possibly comment on the matter and feel more apathy towards getting involved by educating myself any further with it. I’d rather stay far removed playing saints row and hitting aliens over the head with a giant dildo on my Xbox 360. I’ll just sit here on the fence, waiting for the world to fuck itself in the ass and then read/watch the aftermath on-demand in a few years time with an ever increasing bitter disgust at the human race.” It is obvious that you do have an opinion, you also know much, not little, and you have commented an all issues with ease, it is obvious that you are not staying far removed, if anything you are very implicated in this with a very extensive post, not one mistake in grammar, have not repeated yourself once, numbers of hits are very important to you, and for somebody just waiting on the fence, you took a long time to write all this, you are suspicious as a black cat in the alley.

  44. Tom Heck says:

    I don’t care how bad someones grammar is, nor do I care what other people say. However, I do care being deceived by the media (or the GOVERNMENT, even worse) which, unfortunately, happens ALL THE TIME!!! Anyone who will take the time to actually do some research on any of these subjects CAN find out if they’re lying, it’s appalling!!! If these situations are staged, and if it can in fact be proven, the news media airing these particular stories ought to be charged, and it should be made VERY PUBLIC INDEED!!! There faking situations all the time using BLUE SCREENS on the rooftop no less, of the CNN building in Atlanta GA.THey are actually staging news coverage that supposedly takes place in other parts of the world. THERE IS PROOF OF THAT!!! (Just do your own research, and U will be APPPALLED, SURPRICED and after its sinks in, STUNNED!!!)

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  47. v says:

    Perfect example of ” Wag the dog ” This movie is real true to life.

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  49. bill says:

    The information about the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter giving false testimony through the Hill and Knowlton PR firm has been proven and well documented. George HW Bush used her false testimony 11 times in speeches leading up to the first Iraq war, knowing it was nothing but false propaganda. This information is over a decade old. Why don’t you do some of your own investigation before you accuse others of lying?

    • Justin says:

      I agree Bill, people should do their own investigating before casting that first stone. However I would like to point out that the first video shown was shot years ago and was circulating around the Internet long before the Syria incident. I remember seeing it for the first time around 2008 or 2009. Perhaps they used the same actor or simply recycled the old footage much like the picture of hundreds of bodies wrapped in white sheets they used to show the devastation in Iraq, the very same picture they are now circulating in the mainstream media claiming they are the victims of the chemical attack in Syria…this a strange world we live in indeed…

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  51. yuri Emperor Augustus says:

    “Did I play my role well? If so, then applause, because the comedy is finished!”

    • James says:

      How can anyone be so stupid as to think Assad would use gas? The terrorist scum are the ones that want the US to attack. How many Morons are in America? Americans live in Disneyland.

      • JustHaveToReplyToJames says:

        Yes, we all live in Disneyland you dolt.

      • You can only blame the powers at be in America mate, most Americans don’t want this either but they no there government is out of control and there’s nothing they can do about it so please stop thinking all Americans are the same :)

      • yyjjuuer says:

        no you retard, the US wants to help the rebels

      • BeachN says:

        Hey James… don’t group all Americans into one pod… Majority of the citizens are fighting this issue with our government. We see what they have been up to for so many years… We all are expendable to a certain sect of our politicians and it is those politicians who need to be run out of the country. We are taking names of all of them who are voting to kill more people to show those who are killing that killing is wrong… Make any sense to you? Doesn’t to me either. You don’t kill people to prove to them that killing is wrong.. Stupid men we have running this country.. Hopefully when Syria and Russia fire back they will realize what our problems are over here in the United States that is NO LONGER UNITED…Many of our politicians no longer work for the citizens who make up this country.. and we have had enough of that..

  52. Darryl says:

    Iraq attacked Kuwait because they were tapping into Iraqi oil wells and stealing Iraqi oil! Why would you do that when you have your own oil?

    • johnno says:

      because you would want MORE OIL!
      (U.S. are going out of their way to do the same)
      **Message to stupid people, DO NOT POST COMMENTS PLEASE**

      • chris says:

        The sad truth is we don’t even need oil or anything from the region. The American people think this is stupid just like the rest of the world. The rising tide in this country is: why are we still over there? We presently have a bunch of war hungry &^% in charge and the next thing may be an American spring like the Arab spring if this keeps up.

      • Candace Ave says:

        Then stop posting Johnno!

    • Adrian says:

      I heard the exact same thing from my cousin who lives in Kuwait, she is married to a government official…so I don’t doubt what she tells me… American oil companies, Directional drilling into Iraq’s oil fields from Kuwait.. I heard they are doing the same thing In Alberta…

    • bernie Cloutier says:

      That was said before the war. A drilling rig would have to be within 2 km from the border to make it economically feasible to directionally drill a well bore into what would be Kuwaiti oil reserves. Iraq is awash in oil. what would be the purpose. Just more BS. These wells if drilled could be surveyed after the fact to prove either way. No story on that. There are over 100 people killed every day from sectarian violence in Iraq since the end of the war. So not sure who one that one. Mission accomplished? The countries of the middle east are all fighting with a deity on their side. “In God we trust, Allahu Akbar, Gott Mit Uns. From the Eternal Sea, He rises, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, till man exists, no more.” politics.

    • Michael Lee Pemberton says:

      Iraq attacked Kuwait to enforce a claim Iraq has on this tiny country, one that maintains that Kuwait is actually only a province of Iraq. In addition, by absorbing Kuwait Iraq would nullify a debt of approximately 12 billion dollars that Iraq had borrowed from Kuwait to prosecute the Iran-Iraq War.

  53. Yeahsure says:


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  55. Lawrence Brown says:

    Remember that the goon who started CNN is a Communist. (TED TURNER) They are enemy of United States.

  56. Xavier Kress says:

    “Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.” – Friedrich Nietzsche – German philosopher (1844 – 1900)

    I think this is a poignant statement for this day and age as well…

  57. Nick m says:

    Its truly amazing to me that people can just spew uncorroborated stories and so many morons will repost it, over 10k people. More scary and sad than anything. This atticle is a joke. This freak danny talks the whole time but the subtitles are very selective on what they translate, weird. Everything he says can be taken many different ways, not one. Im not saying things arent what they seem but if you are going to make such accusations i believe you have the burden of proof. Translate everything, show a pic of the girl w her father who is supposedly an ambassador, show a pic of danny in england being a normal guy, what proof is there CNN did anything to a pipeline. The ignorance and stupidity to believe everything from the internet and make it gospel is the scariest thing ive ever seen. Does eveyone understand that people can put up and say anything they want on the internet regardless of the credibility? Im not saying any of this isnt true but none of this comes close to being proven or to be more than an opinion with the absolute non existance of any kind of proof or anything that can remotely be considered as corroborated. People should be completely convinced of such allegations before calling it fact and reposting like they want you to. They must be laughing that they can put such little effort into making an article as its reposted thousands of times. Watch what you repost, this makes me want to do something similar and after it is reposted thousands of times come out w the truth that it is completely made up to show how eager people are to believe anything and everything they read on the deception machine known as the internet. I saw someone wrote how the govt is killing people for gun legislation purposes, im assuming Sandy Hook. Oh my god, i dont believe people really believe this as darwinism would have eliminated them already. Anarchists say things like these. Think about it, if they truly believed their govt would kill innocent people, especially children, to further gun control they would have left this doomed country by now, who wouldnt. How is having guns eveywhere in this country not a tool used by the govt to keep us scared and forking over money to keep us safe. If anything the lack of gun control would only help the govt case, as these jokes of ‘journalists’ claim, to keep us affraid and under their control. Im not sure i understand the motivation behind eliminating guns…..unless of course its so then the govt can kill all of us, like our little assault rifles would stop the largest military power from wiping its people from the face of the earth. At least ask yourself when you read articles on the internet, have they proven what they have stated. In this, and most cases the answer is inequivocably, NO!

    • BeachN says:

      What makes you think any children at Sandy Hook were killed lol.. Did you personally see any ? I say there were NO dead children.. Not going to bother to explain that to you as I believe you already know.. and by the way..our government has no problem killing anyone if it will get them what they want..Be it silence or law passed..Think what you believe but I no longer live in the fairy land my government created..Do your homework..

      • me says:

        TOUCHE’ Nick M is right, but you’re right by his standards as well, BeachN. sandy hook could all be a propaganda in that no child was murdered…it could have all been a stunt, as we saw no dead bodies!!!! not to disrespect the friends and family of the sandy hooks event…but if ur going to make a profound statement about backing up things, you yourself have to do the same across the boarder…

      • lo says:

        just like the shooter in the theater in aurora colorado. not one person saw the actual shooter, he was covered in riot gear from head to toe. the shooter cannot be identified by one person and there has been testimony from theater witnesses who say that there was more than one shooter. NOTHING is as what it seems…..

    • Ian says:

      Maybe you might believe the Daily Mail about a few things?

      • Basileus says:

        The stench of politically correct vermin and their jihadi masters trying to get the Yanks and their closet Jihadi Prez Obama to demand Europeans to bomb Syria is overwhelming. The odd right winger demanding it are blatantly getting back handers from shady (suspiciously Saudi-esque) characters represending middle east types – like the odd Tory, for example appearing on TV demanding a 2nd commons motion when the original was supposedly final

    • bill says:

      The information about the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter giving false testimony through the Hill and Knowlton PR firm has been proven and well documented. George HW Bush used this false testimony in speeches leading up to the first Iraq war over 11 times, even though he knew it to be false propaganda. Why don’t you do some of your own investigation before you accuse other people lying?

      • Moni says:

        Boy, Nick M sure can type a book! Too bad he/she didn’t use any of that energy to type into their google bar & research before posting and making an a** of themselves! If you ever figure out how to do that ..type the name Franciszek Honiok in there .. Millions died over his staged death

      • Basileus says:

        And you lefties don’t ? LOL !
        Wonder what publically funded “job” YOU have – like most PC creatures ?
        If only you people were a TENTH as “intelligent and aware” as you THINK you are

    • Robert Marks says:

      Here is some fact for you. Before the actual interview he is very calm and even looking a little bored. Just before the interview starts he becomes agitated and very exited about the “events” that occurred shortly before he was looking bored. His clothing is amazingly clean and neat for having just pulled people from a roof top during a mortar barrage. There is an amazing lack of blood on him for the devastation he is reporting. I’ve had a surprising amount of blood on me from working a car crash with just one victim. Finally, who scheduled which event to coincide with the other? Was Anderson Cooper there for the “mortar attack” or was the “mortar attack” there for Anderson Cooper?

    • June says:

      Your comment is so badly written as to be almost incoherent, your grammar and spelling are atrocious and you contradict yourself a number of times. If you want people to take you seriously, try putting more effort into it next time.

    • fre3dom says:

      america is like a very big man with a very big gun. if he tells u to believe something, would u really deny him? i doubt it. fear is what they play on, fear is their tool to oppress those who are confused. and like most americans, they are confused and deluded, but slowly they are opening their eyes to the tyranny of America.

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  59. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    And you think the Leftists in America are the nice people? LMAO!
    I wish everyone would wake up and realize that the Right Wing Conservatives are the ONLY people with any sense in this country and stop listening to the Communist News Network (CNN).

    • Basileus says:

      The BBC are far worse, AP – openly politically correct and corrupt, the backroom middle class lesbians and queers (incredible these stinking hypocrites support muslim fanatics, but they DO – even ignored the gang rape of a Dutch woman during muslim brotherhood demonstrations in Egypt. Inconvenient. Gave “wrong imnpression” of muslims
      In other words, thanks to these filthy heterophobic corrupts, the BBC can no longer be trusted

  60. tasunka maza says:

    As an exjournalist all I can say is that the news has been made up since I was active at abc…in the seventies

  61. MattMarriott says:

    The good old illuminati trick of staged victims, meant to be propagated as REAL, from Bosnia 1994 to Egypt 2013:
    Injured Egyptian Brotherhood caught with fake wound, by Al Jazeera

    On the other hand the real massacres by their puppets are assigned to the victims.

    The good old illuminati trick of fake “victims” and “activists”, meant to be propagated as FAKE, from “dead” Neda, Iran 2009 to “activist Syria Danny”2013:
    “Coincidentally” the same technique of fake victims is used to rewrite “black is white”, when it comes to discredit the REAL victims.

    The only difference: these fakes are DELIBERATELY produced to be “exposed” as fake.
    The ultimate example: Syria.

    Syria: illuminati media totally censors Assad’s atrocities, while it broadcasts images of staged victims, meant to discredit the freedom fighters.

    Illuminati jokes: After six months of Assad air bombing children with chemical weapons, BBC News becomes the first illuminati channel to report it (1), August 30 2013 …
    less than 24 hours before the act of illuminati theater scripted as “UK prime minister Cameron loses vote to degrade capability for Assad to launch chemical attacks”.

  62. Mark says:

    As much as I am against any form of military intervention from either the US or UK, perhaps if we are going to create an article such as this, with the purpose of pointing out the false media and its influence on the worlds response to Syria, then perhaps it would be advised to at the very least, use facts in said article, and not make false claims itself. We start by reading “Recent video evidence proves that “Syria Danny”, the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN”. Well that would all depend on what you class as recent, considering the video is actually over 18 months old, and was posted on youtube in March of 2012, if not before.

  63. War itself is an atrocity. Why fabricate details? Syrians boiled dead bodies down into wine and hundreds were sickened. Egyptians are killing Christians. Syrians are killing Christians. The Syrian rebel leader, supposedly fighting for a better Syria cut out a man’s liver and bit into it.
    With these barbaric atrocities, who has to invent anything?
    I spent a year in Kuwait. I heard stories worse than the allegedly invented ones. This is bizarre.

    • Ken says:

      Actually it’s the Muslim brotherhood, al Qaeda and their allies, in Syria and Egypt killing Christians. Assad has been a defender of Christians and even Jews in his country.

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  65. aghahowa hope says:

    I hope Nigerian govt. That can’t do a thing without weeping for support from international community,especially the US would learn a thing about their over reliance on foreign assistance. That is if we are not already under their evil manipulations.

  66. fran marino says:

    I can wait for bomb to fell on that bastard president pencil neck hassad and blow him out to pieces by American bombs!!!!
    And you son of a bitch syrian scum bag trow out of this country

  67. Pingback: Francia y Estados Unidos intentan inventarse las pruebas del ataque químico mientras los reales investigadores apuntan a Georgia y Turquía como origen de estas armas/ Actores propagandistas en las informaciones de la CNN at Rafapal Periodismo para Mente

  68. BeachN says:

    Thanks for this report… Understand the American citizens DO NOT stand behind our government’s decisions about war or killing innocent people in other countries. Our government no longer represent it’s citizens. We ask for justice in this country and for decent politicians to demand investigations and hearings of all we have discovered wrong.. We can no longer believe our media..We have a government that has spiraled way out of control…Please place the blame where it lies.The citizens of America do not deserve the representation we have..They have an agenda and are going to meet that agenda any way the can. I beg our politicians who love this country to please speak up and stand alone if you have to in order to take our country back. You will be met with opened arms from the citizens I assure you..

    • trk387 says:

      I have always believed like you, anyone watching my videos on YT can attest. ABOLISH the existing government. However, I NOW believe its what they want. They want us to revolt so they can say before the world LOOK we had no choice as they KILL everyone from the sky. IMAGINE the US Government ERADICATING all the NON SHEEP, the trouble makers, the FIGHTERS, leaving behind all the complacent, to scared to say anything, happy with the way things are. Think about it… trk387

      • BeachN says:

        Trust me ..anyone who speaks out is taking a risk…Who would have ever thought that.. You can look back at all the mysterious deaths in this country… An awful lot of people in the oil industry and the latest…A journalist, Michael Hastings. He knew too much but he left what he knew with someone else…Just waiting to see what it was… They are use to the gullible ones believing their stories but they are slipping up big time lately. The country no longer believes what they say… Things have been staged to help Obama’s gun control law that did not get passed. He wants that badly too.. This country is in such a huge mess I am not certain anyone could bring it back to us….I love my country and I know what is right and what is wrong. If I spelled it all out to you you wouldn’t believe me.. This use to be a great country…..until people became obsessed with power and money…They all have lost the meaning of why we are here. Politicians void of character who think they are on the top of the world because they have a full pocket. Life is so much more than that…so much more..I challenge them to seek what is truly important in life and become an example for the other politicians around them…

  69. Neuchadnezzar says:

    Israel – Occult Zionism – Hell on Earth – Documentary
    ► 89:07
    NEW For those with awakened hearts . . . take the time to learn and understand the truth.

  70. Neuchadnezzar says:

    Israel – Occult Zionism – Hell on Earth – Documentary – Little Resume
    ► 89:07

    NEW For those with awakened hearts . . . take the time to learn and understand the truth.

  71. Alex says:

    Assad is killing his people and this is a fact, but it is also a fact that Western medias are recently creating the ‘background’ to support a military action against Assad with the usual techniques that we have seen in the past (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan…..)

    What I do not understand is why should America bother a war in Syria, because they will have huge costs to invade a country without oil and with limited strategic interest.

    Assad is allied to Iran, therefore he is an enemy, but I don’t think it is enough to engage in another war.

    If any of you have more ideas about the American objectives in Syria, I would be glad to know more

    • AronRusso says:

      Do you want more blood and enjoyment killing straight innocent civilian people with no blame in this fucking war pre-mounted pre-planned with false flags made in zionazis (eeuu, israhell and their little teddybearish friends ) How is noticeable you did not see that so-viewed youtube video from a lover freedom ( i cant call them rebels it does no fit with all their violence behaviour against innocent civilians with faith as excuse ) eating dead syrian soldier’s heart and claiming falsely to Ala akbar while eating that….You prick !

    • j says:

      THIS IS the real reasons why….

      • Alex says:

        Dear Aron,
        before answering any post you should read carefully, and I recommend to use your brain next time.
        I was asking which are the American interests in this war, that’s it.

        I never said I am pro or against this intervention.
        By the way if you want to know it I am against the American/Western intervention, but I am not going to explain you why, because you seem too ignorant to understand even basic comments, as my previous one.

        Therefore please take back your “prick” and put it in your @@s and then back to your mouth.

        I saw the youtube video…the value is equal (or lower) to any CNN video…how do you know that this is real or fake?
        If I had to choose the more reliable source between CNN and youtube…I am very sorry but I still choose CNN, although they also “adjust & manipulate” the news as per their convenience, they are still more reliable than any random youtube video.

        Again…think before writing…the thing you have inside your head called brain should be used and not only carried around.

    • You say it is a fact now show us the proof. The only proof you have is that Al Qaeda told you so. Americans are still preaching what Al Qaeda is telling them through their fake films and killings to blame on Assad. If you have proof that Assad has killed anyone then you can show us here. I am sure the Syrian people would also be interested in seeing it.

    • Michael Pravica says:

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. We have no business illegally interfering and fomenting Syria’s civil war with foreign “rebel” Islamic Mujahadeen because we don’t like Assad. We need to stop supporting terrorists and stop using the philosophy that the “enemy of my enemy must be my friend.” Get ready for a lot of “blowback” very soon.

    • Ian says:

      This might help from one of the retired US Generals.

  72. CNN is a network of liars. I have personally witnessed events where they staged coverage to completely misrepresent what was actually happening in the field. Example: I was in Washington, D.C. in May, 2001 and passed the site where the so-called “Million Mom March Against Handguns” was to occur. There were about sixty to seventy people there, milling around, holding banners and such. NOT a million people. I caught a flight to Sacramento, with a lay over in Phoenix and CNN was on the TV sets in the waiting areas.

    CNN had posed the few participants that there were, all closely grouped together, line abreast in about three or four rows, and captured this little crowd in a tight shot that created the illusion that there were many people there. They never said, “Well folks, only seventy people showed up!” They kept beating the drum of “Million Mom March” over and over, without ever telling (or showing) the true turn out. They are liars.

    I have not watched CNN once since 2001.

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  74. These videos are from March of 2012.

  75. BobtheGrape says:

    Gee, our guv’mint lying to us? Wait a minute, Al Qaeda (sp?) is now our friend in some parts of the world and in other parts of it they are the emeny. WTF? Doesn’t anyone in the U.S. see the bull bleep? I had a very interesting youtube video on my lap box that was made by the BBC saying that the U.S. DoJ invented Al Qaeda so that they could go after the imaginery terrorists under the RICO statute. And now the imaginery terrorists are our allies??? Hey, O’Boingo, you and Biden better get your propaganda, I mean stories straight.

    • Celtic Wolf says:

      I’ve seen it a mile away, but unfortunately none care to listen when people like us call it bull crap. This is just like Orwell’s 1984. Enemies one day are touted as friends the next, back and forth, just enough to fool the public into becoming the mindless zombies they want us to be so they can have absolute power over our lives and thoughts. Pretty soon there will be people getting arrested for THINKING about doing something ‘illegal’, even if they chose not to and the sheep we’ll become will believe ourselves guilty just because some said we were. I think more people need to read that book and draw the comparisons between our real lives and the situations described in that book. It might be an eye-opener, but sadly many won’t ever touch it.

    • gr8H8er says:

      Uhm, you spelled it wrong, sir. Al CIAda is the correct spelling. And if you hunt around YouTube you can find Hillarity Clitron admitting the U.S.invented Al Qaeda, straight out of the horses mouth so to speak.

  76. Some people still stuck in their Fabricated R v L paradigm cause CNN is not ” liberal ” and never has been . Just a mouth piece for Establishment and who ever is in power .
    A. Busted for using military Psyops as interns in late 98 . Abe Vreis
    B. Hires CIA Fran , Baeur and FBI Agents now Lt. Fracona who helped Saddam under Reagan Adm. slaughter a lot of Iranians . Use Hillary Rosen who profited in Iraq
    C. ” General News ” to sell Iraq War now used in selling Syria War , parroting McCain and Graham ALL DAY LONG .
    D. We can get into social Engineering for NWO but it’s too complicated .

    THEY ARE PSYOP LIARS just like majority of cable ” news ” and networks

  77. alan says:

    I remember the media scam about Iraqi soldiers tossing babies out of incubators, It was a scam. We learned the details in a media class in college. I don’t believe anything gov’t says to get us into yet another war with people who did not attack us. This is insane.

  78. akr says:

    Who ever wrote this article could benefit from an English class! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Find a trusted news source (I know that’s difficult these days), and stick with it.

    • yuri Numbers Donkey says:

      You must be the arithmetic man; you add trouble, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance.

    • Thats a bit rich when the source of the western media is Al Qaeda videos from you tube.This is a repeat of news from last year. Danny the infamous liar who had been caught out on many occasions, but only after he had made many fake films which the BBC reported as the truth. He was used by the BBC for his views on Syria. Since being caught out he has not been seen. The article you refer to was written by an American and we know Americans can’t write English.

      • Celtic Wolf says:

        I take exception to that. I’m American and my English is usually well written. As for the rest of what you said, I agree with it…to a point. The only real news we get these days isn’t news at all, but rather a fairy tale created to spin our attentions away from all of the chaos erupting within our own government. By the time we even come close to figuring out what’s really going on, the damage is done and far too irreversible.

    • David says:

      Name one…..trusted news source, give me a break…

    • Or perhaps you could benefit from a geography class. Not everyone in the world speaks English, only someone with an ego the size of this planet would expect everyone else on it to bow to their own traditions.

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  80. Enrique says:

    no wonder so many countrie’s leaders are trying to control de Media… basically is to avoid the control that the media does inventing stories and creating fake news which direct the thoughts of the people against the alleged leader meaning the media is controlling the world… not fair they should stay in their position of giving factual information real and not made up

  81. Eben says:

    Lies. The Syrians on both sides are terrorists, not the U.S. Why don’t you write about RT ore Al-Jazeera and their lies, meaning most of what they report? Especially the lies about Israel and the U.S.? And I am against U.S. intervention in Syria, by the way. Obama wants to help his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. Most Americans are against it.

  82. Bi-polar bear says:

    The first war I need to handle is the one inside myself. To be honest the way I see it we all are in a chemical war with mother nature and unfortunately she is losing. I can not logically say one way or another what is bad when it concerns labels Muslims Americans democrats republicans all are labels to label anything is to put limits on understanding and knowledge. One thing I do agree it is all about knowledge. In gaining knowledge I will use all resources available to me and come to my own conclusions as you will come to yours To your own self be true. Happiness has to be found within before it can be found elsewhere. One day hopefully things will change but I wont hold my breath because with the chemicals in the air even the air in my lungs are bad

  83. UncleTom says:

    Obama wants to go to war in Syria which will upset the entire Middle East, raising oil prices. Let’s connect the dots and look at the resistance of our boy king to the pipeline and opening oil leases in the US. Oil gets a double squeeze. War is justified.

    • dancerboots says:

      The U.S. does not need Syria’s oil. We rank second in production of oil and are exporting more than we import. Syria can’t produce enough for its own people. Syria is important because of its location for neighboring countries. The XL Pipeline oil will be exported to refineries in a tax free zone of Texas and onto ships to the U.K., Brazil and China. It will be used for diesel and jet fuel. The U.S. will not be using it.
      It is against international law to use chemical weapons and has been since 1925. Over 180 countries have signed the Geneva Prohibition Treaty, What Syria does produce a lot of is chemical weapons and has the one of the largest stockpile (in the Middle East)and numerous manufacturing plants.Not only is it a threat to the Syrian people..but all citizens of the world. It is of national security interest…especially if factions of the rebel groups are able to get hold of it. Conventional weapons are bad enough. The use of chemical (and biological) are indiscriminate, It will kill the medics and medical personnel. the helicopter crew landing to rescue troops, the military leaders directing the troops. There is no escaping it, hiding from it, running from it. Unless the troops using it are equipped with masks, the wind can carry it back to the very people using it. Russia has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons..enough o kill every person on earth.

      • Marla says:

        Don’t you see that what is going on: CIA-induced media manipulations to justify a war which people need as much as a hole in the head. The ame lies as were disseminated to justiy the invasion of Iraq – ‘weapons of mass dstruction’? My foot! I am glad that majority of European countries refused to follow, and they were very wise. In fact, it is the dominance of US arms industry which forces governments to wage wars globally, and CIA is instigating this. It is about profit-making and trying to make the whole world dependent. Let the muslim countries cut each other’s throats, it is none of any other countrie’s business.

      • eee says:

        Dancerboots, this is absolutely the only comment I have read so far that makes ANY sort of sense.

  84. TruthIsntHardToFindFollowtheMoney says:

    “…Why is that ‘Woe to us.’ Because you people and sixty-two million other Americans are listening to me right now: Because less than three percent of you people read books! Because less than fifteen percent of you read newspapers! Because the only truth you know is what you get over this tube. Right now there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube!

    “This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation. This tube can make or break presidents, popes or Prime Ministers; this tube is the most awesome god-damned force in the whole godless world! Woe is us if it ever falls into the hands of the wrong people, and that’s why ‘Woe is us’ when the…largest company in the world controls the most awesome god-damned propaganda force in the whole godless world: Who knows what shit will be peddled for ‘truth’ on this network!

    “So you listen to me! Listen to me: television is not the truth- television’s a god-damned amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival a traveling troupe of acrobats, story tellers, dancers, singers, side-show freaks, lion-tamers, and football players. We’re in the boredom killing business!

    “So if you want the truth go to God, go to your guru’s-go to yourselves-because that’s the only place you’re going to find any real truth! Ha-ha ­ because man – you know you’re never going to get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you want to hear. We’ll lie like hell: we’ll tell you that Kojack always gets the killer and that nobody ever gets cancer at Archie Bunker’s house. And no matter how much trouble the hero is in don’t worry just look at your watch at the end of the hour he’s going to win, we’ll give you any shit you want to hear! We deal in Illusions man, none of it is true! But you people sit there day after day and night after night; all ages, colors, creeds: We’re all you know! You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here! You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality- and that your own lives are unreal! You DO whatever the tube tells you, you dress like the tube you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even think like the tube!

    “This is mass madness you maniacs! In God’s name you people are the real thing-We are the illusion! So turn off you television sets, turn it off now, turn them off right now: turn them off and leave them off-turn them off right in the middle of the sentence I’m speaking now ­ Turn them OFF!” -Peter Finch as “Howard Beale” in Network (1976)

  85. People grow up, I guess you guys think Kennedy and Elvis are still alive, that Jayne Mansfield was decapitated, this is a real problem. It is a real issue we need to deal with, Chemical Warfare is not right anywhere, if we can put a stop to this we should!

  86. I like RT myself, at least they ask you the viewer, to question more. In other words, don’t take their word for it, by doing the research and investigating for oneself eventually, if one is Truly seeking Truth, they’ll find it. As a matter of fact, may I suggest using, a powerful search engine, helps with research. Those who despise, liberty for All, while harming none, have literally infiltrated All factions of our society, journalism was one of the first subverted in America. Sadly, the msm media have been lying to US All, for a very long time.

    • Clemens Vermeulen says:

      Thank you for the link to At least now I can search the web without Google looking over my shoulders at whatever I do…

  87. john hoffman says:


  88. Feminist at Sea says:

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  89. Bill Black says:


  90. Gordon says:

    You make it appear as yesterdays news,
    but the video you reference was posted on you tube Published on Mar 1, 2012.
    CNN creating the news is nothing new.

    • This is not new news, we published these stories last year. We will show even more fake films that that FSA/Al Qaeda are making to gain support. If Al Qaeda can start a world war by making fake films to blame on a government and Politicians are stupid enough to fall for it. Then who will be controlling the world? TERRORISTS!!

      • A says:

        Terrorists already control the world. Fucking psychopaths and terrorists. What is “war” but terrorism with a larger budget? Think about it, you fools!

      • The most heinous, psychotic terrorists on the planet now control the world: the fake-Jewish Khazarian Zionist banksters (the ‘zi’ in Nazi) and their wholly owned, corporate governments. They legally but unlawfully own the free world and its inhabitants. They call it the “FREE WORLD,” because they stole it from Us and covertly forced Us to pay them the cost of their theft. Since they paid nothing for it, they see it as “free.” The term has nothing to do with freedom.

    • yuri Ginny says:

      If you really want to know about mistakes you should ask your parents

  91. Joe says:

    As it looks like this Danny guy is seeking attention! Calm your conspiracy theorist arse down! This Article is garbage! You want some real news coverage start watching the international tv, Arab channels! Body parts, dead bodies, you name it its there up front and center

    • Laura says:

      The Arab Channels are what you point to as a good source? Yikes…. Granted, this article is two clicks past rational.. but, Al Jezerra as a “better” or more accurate alternative? Hmm, I would suggest reading multiple sources originating from different areas with different political affiliations and varying “interests”. I really like BBC – their new is pretty fair in that they really do not like anyone.

      • Ben says:

        The BBC is owned by the British Government you complete fool. I think they might have their own agenda.

      • mattoid says:

        Ben; the BBC is NOT owned by the British government, although the current chairman is a former cabinet minister from the Conservative party. It is an independent organisation, and there are laws in place forcing it to be balanced in news and current affairs broadcasting.

      • Pedro says:

        The BBC is one of the most biased channels around, everytime i watch any report about the case they seem to only find out pro rebel people, none of them live in Syria and when they get a token pro government or neutral person they always shut them down and won’t allow them to express their point of view to the point of almost rudeness, the only people who think the BBC is neutral and balanced are the ones supporting the “rebels” because they transmit their opinion…

      • yuri Women of the West Dumb says:

        When you were born, the police arrested your dad, the doctor slapped your mom, animal control euthanized your brother, and BBC made a documentary that saved your life.

  92. Jueseppi B. says:

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  93. Bill says:

    As a former Marine, I can’t believe that CNN and Anderson Cooper would do something like this. But, with the White House wants and needs to have media cooperation in order to get what they want, more war. Obama wants to go into Syria. Britain has backed out and for good reason. They don’t want anymore war for their people. Not only that, they can’t afford it. And truth be told, WE can’t afford it. Obama needs to get Congressional approval before that happens, and I hope to God that it doesn’t. Our men and women need to come home. The fact that even after the Iraqi war we are still paying outrageously high gasoline prices is preposterous. We have also tried rebuilding their infrastructure at how much of a cost to the American people? And we shouldn’t be paying over 2.00 USD per gallon of gas. Obama’s Muslim brotherhood holds us at bay with their pricing of oil per barrel. The American people have to understand that now again we see that the WH is in bed with LSM and the Obama administration has really gone to war, with the American people. all of us. His plan is to keep us down and when we can’t take anymore, he will enslave us with his entitlements. Please lets not keep falling for this crap from the LSM and Obama.

    • fari says:

      A very logical reply. I hope ALL Americans stand against more attacks. I as a Pakistani muslim strongly condemn the forces killed around the world due to this so called war on terror

    • Ralph says:

      You make some cogent points, Marine, but you watch too much Fox. Enslave us with his entitlements? You mean like Social Security and Medicare? How about doing away with military pensions? And reducing military pay to what it was during WWII? Hogwash. No idea why O is pushing this Syrian envelope, but all he’s doing is allowing Republicans to assume a position he should be advancing: withdrawal from all of the damned Pentagon’s “wars.” He’s also hurting the campaigns of Democrats who are poised to take out a bunch of really awful Republicans next election by giving them something to change the focus of the campaigns from how badly the GOPs have hurt our economy and middle class to himself. Dumb, unless he’s been bought off, too?

      • Pat says:

        First of all, you can never watch too much Fox! Secondly, YES, enslave us with his entitlements! You know Social Security and Medicare have never been included it the issues of ” Obama’s entitlements”. Seriously you would compare that to military pensions and pay? Get a grip. Obama is the WORST president in our history. Hurting the campaigns of Democrats is probably the only worthwhile think he’s accomplished.

    • Anne says:

      Thank youI agree totally with you,could not have said it better.

      • Joel says:

        fox has comic value ill give you that, but the fact that people take it seriously, scares the crap out of me.

    • AdamC says:

      Amen Bill. Thank you for your service brother. I love to hear from our service men and women. I’m a civi. You guys have a unique perspective as many of you have information we are not privy to. Thanks for being out there buddy. God bless!

    • dancerboots says:

      I have read this “Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood” in numerous comments over the past few years. it is a good example of how sad the propaganda machine has worked. You do not have to like the President or his policies. Lying about him lessens any credibility to your post. The price of oil has more to do with the speculators that bet on whether the ppb will go up or down. The U.S has reached a point that we are coming close to being independent of needing any foreign oil. We are ranked second in production. We produce cheap natural gas. Our renewables are making a dent as well, now providing 12% of our needs.If President Obama is in bed with the msm, he needs to break off that relationship, they do not do a fair job and Fox News completely lies and misrepresents everything he does and says (Benghazi a perfect example). lol

      • BeachN says:

        So you don’t lie to your citizens and kill innocent people just to get their backing for more killing.. So many things have been staged in our country to get us where they want us….Research it and then dig even deeper… Enough killing already abroad and in our own country. So many refuse to see what is happening. I live on the Gulf Coast and I became enlightened then when I saw our government take the side of BP over it’s own citizens. Many of us on the Coast had a huge surprise as to how our government operates. They turned their backs and so many other things were witnessed that we could not believe. When we saw that then we realized who our government really is and how they operate… I am not the one spreading the propaganda…Your government has taken you and all of us for fools for years and years. They will kill in a second if it will suite their purpose.. Trust me on that one..

  94. Reblogged this on crappytruth and commented:
    They will do anything to help Mr. Sugar Shoes Obama-Shame on CNN!

  95. Johnny R. says:

    I never know what to think, but I do know that you can’t trust corporate media… do the very minimal research to uncover who owns CNN and what they’re connected to, and you’ll know why.

  96. Pingback: Syria, Yes, Syria, No - Page 3

  97. Morton Friedman says:

    Anybody remember that video of a Palestinian child being killed by Israeli troops? Well played by the French news service. It finally was adjudicated by the French courts, and that ‘news’ service was convicted for a phony story and had to pay a financial penalty. The ‘oroginal’ story was played globally, the French court results were not. I would ‘Rather’ not believe anything from the media, until it was well proven to my satisfaction. Remember the USS Maine, Havana harbor, 1898.

  98. jill says:

    I wish that the author of this post had quoted his own sources and had some confirmation of what he’s purporting CNN and the other media to be doing. I find him and “his media” as lacking in credibility as those he decries. Where is the proof of these allegations? One side screaming about the other is all I see. Same thing we’re fed over and over in this country. Fox vs. CNN, TheBlaze vs. Media Matters. *shaking my head*

    • karen says:

      I concur with your conclusion. *also shaking my head*

    • josh says:

      Did you just read the articles or did you watch the videos? The first video shows the guy telling someone off camera to get ready for the gun fire and asking for a bed. then minutes later he on air claiming they have been getting bombed all morning. The second video is a a girl that pulling at the emotional strings with a horrifying tail. she is later found out to be an ambassador daughter. the third is footage of a team that claims to be on the live in saudi Arabia with air raid sirens going off. when they pan around when not on air you see they are clearly in a studio. The fourth is a them at a pipeline right after it explodes then them running back to the place where the live coverage will be shot at. When they get there have to turn off the camera to help a cameraman bc he inhaled to much smoke. These are 4 clear cases of what cnn does to distort the news. Look at the sandy hook coverage where the are acting as if on the scene but are really using green screen

  99. Al ONeill says:

    I’m wondering how we would feel if say, Russia started talking about bombing Chicago because of rampant police and political corruption and lawless violence raging through the streets. I think we’d all be a little concerned. While I agree that we should not turn a blind eye to the terrible strife throughout the world, we would be much better served if we concentrate on and correcting what’s happening within our own borders.

    “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”
    – Ernest Hemingway

  100. uncle roy says:

    is it just me or does Danny look like Jay? from the Silent Bob and Jay movies?

  101. Fati says:

    CNN is getting funded by Saudis and Isreale , to report and fabricate news in their faveris , the war is about the taking over Syria and Iran with puppet governments in the faveris of US and the other two countries, Saudis – to get red of the Shia sect of the Islam ( the civilize ) people , remember that 15 of the 9-11 were the Saudis but Ireqs got the hit ? Also is the natural gas pipe line that is suppose to get to Europe through Syria , at the same time all the news media broadcast from Iran and Syria to the wordh has been ban since two months ago the satellite company’s ar owned with whom, I let you find out yourself . It is sad that history repeats itself and people do not learn that greed will bring suffering and misery at the end.

  102. Rob Grimm says:

    Just let all the middle eastern countries fight it out. oh yeah, then we would have an oil crisis and peeps would complain about that, guess that’s why we have to police that area still, so that people can drive cars around and not have to pay $10 a gallon.

    • joanna says:

      I have said this all along…..They need to take a vote of the American people and the government would be shocked how we the American people feel about this situation. I do believe when we had our civil war NOBODY stepped into our countries business. I believe this is just away or an excuse to be able to go start crap with Iran. The government controls so much more than the American People know….This sounds so familiar to Afghanistan/Iraq. THINK ABOUT IT!

      • josh says:

        ummm…the french ? the british? alot of euro nations supported the south because they made money on the slave trade read a history book both sides had international help war is just a ponzee scheme the rich using the deaths of the poor to make money

      • uncle roy says:

        spoken like a true Yankee? reminds me of why Colorado folks hate Texans, “they are buying our land”! Duh!! Who’s selling it to us? Who sold slaves? Their own people…. bottom line, it’s all about the money!!! same thing with the Middle East, its about the oil! who’s selling it? The Middle East. They dont care who dies, as long as they get gold and money!!! dont blame the buyer, blame is greedy seller!! ever wonder who picks your coffee beans?? slave, child labor, do you care?

      • uncle roy says:

        check your history! Mexico, Great Britian, France, Spain all stepped into our ‘war between the states’ (there was nothing Civil About it)! Even Lincoln bribed Utah to stay out of it.

        but its none of our business, we are fighting Muslim’s on American soil, so why go there?

      • uncle roy says:

        ask our opinion? that of registeted voters, with a government issued photo ID!!

      • Dasarge says:

        I hate to say it Joanna, but you really must study your history a bit more before making such statements. During our civil war, England and France gave aid to the South via money, military advisors and some naval assistance. While the North recieved some token aid fom Russia in the way of having two Russian naval fleets secured in Union harbors. One in the Atlantic Ocean, New York Harbor, and one in the Pacific Ocean, San Fransisco Harbor. Civil wars being backed and supported by foreign countries is nothing new and has been going on for thousands of years. But I agree, we have no business involved in a Syrian civil war, having our soldiers die in support of another tyrant or Al Queda supported rebels. We should just let them kill themselves and let their Allah sort through the dead. We should be concentrating on ousting the Muslim terrorist camps that we know are in our country. We have problems of our own…we don’t need to balance the rest of the worlds problems on top of our own. Please…pick up a history book more often.

      • uncle roy says:

        Dasarge: you tell them!!

      • eee says:

        Joanna, did you ever take American History? We had allies in all of the wars.

    • If we could drill here then maybe gas wouldn’t cost $10/gal.

      • fari says:

        we are sick and tired of USA sticking its nose in muslim affairs. amazing how 19000 US containers full of military equipment gone missing on way from Karachi port to afghanistan and USA said NOTHING.Why? because USA used its puppets on my homeland to distribute all those weapons among terrorists to create more chaos in PAK.

      • uncle roy says:

        and we are tired if Muslim’s playing the victim! dont like America/ Americans, go home!!! we dont want your flithy habits, disgusting disregard fir life!

      • Pedro says:

        uncle roy are you that stupid? this is a website, what makes you think everyone commenting on it lives in that wretched country? you have the mentality of an uneducated illiterate idiot… and that’s me being polite and restrained…

      • uncle roy says:

        thank you for proving my point exactly!
        must have hit a nerve with my honesty!

      • Thunder Hawk says:

        We do drill here, you idiot. We process more oil than you think, and it’s sold overseas. If it were kept here we would be paying under $2.00 a gal.

  103. G. Normad says:

    I hope you notice that the media will show kids at Sandy Hook and the mayhem because it helps with controlling the America People but it wont show the commander of the Syrian rebels eating the heart and liver of a fallen soldier that is the enemy and our government supports these rebels

    • Hasan says:

      this is what US navy is fighting for

    • bernadette says:

      swaying our minds to what they want..
      i believe in my heart this is just away to focus on something other than the real issues like our pacific being toxic.we will get nowhere with war!like all of the rest.lost lives, reckecked homes, despair and death.and thats just the water problem.we have humans all over the world suffering and what do we do make it worse..forget about the war mr.president please..we have the future of our kids in our hands..lets show theme we care..water for all war for few..bernadette.m.treat2013

  104. And why should we believe THIS? How are we to know all of THIS isn’t just propaganda as well? Just sayin’.

  105. Tommy Peters says:

    It is said when you pass a word you do not understand, you will inevitably encounter another misunderstood word and sooner or later the subject matter is bound to become fuzzy, causing you to misapprehend the theme. Thus, the way to appreciate a topic is to decipher misunderstood words as you read. The misunderstood word we bypassed in our volatile geo-politics is ‘free-fall’ – the basic physics equation embedded in the 9-second powder production of September 2001. The key to keeping your sanity is gradualism while separating fact from conjecture offers clarity. Take it slow. Once the equation is hard-wired in the psyche, you are good to do and the ruse of the century will clear up the agitation on this thought-provoking page.

  106. denny says:

    Cnn and obama need hanged for war crimes. Obama has used phosphoric bombs on civilians, burning them all the way to the bone

  107. Daniel Thaler says:

    I agree with the Brits. I don’t know their reasoning, but we should stay OUT OF IT. No one seems to know what is going on. Or if SOMEONE actually does, that someone is only concerned with getting fiscal gain out of it, somehow. They couldn’t care less about the USA, Syria, Russia, poison gas, etc. Man, if you can’t see the handwriting on the wall with this one I can’t help you my man(woman).

    • Pedro says:

      the reasoning is simple… no definite proof of who done it, no money to fund any sort of militar offensive and in some rare cases just basic common sense…

  108. socialawareness2013 says:

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  109. Their lies are simply for ratings that is why American’s need to stop swallowing the poison the are being fed and find out the truth. Fact is all the atrocities are occurring and fact is that CNN would rather stage “realistic news” than to find out the facts. Their purpose is to get American’s to tune in it is up to us to find the truth and then hold them accountable for their lies. Have a nice day.

  110. margerry says:

    Believe NOTHING you hear and only half of what you see.

  111. john says:

    Sadly the people that need to read this never will. The other sad thing (not as sad, I’ll deal) is that I’m now probably on a higher watch list just for commenting on this. Go Team NSA… Err USA!

  112. rashida zarif says:


  113. yes we can says:

    President Obama should act very fast by Bombing Assad….this will send signals to dictators who use weapons against it own citizen

    • Jake says:

      Obviousely you’re not reading the story!

      • Obama bombs American citizens, via drones. He and the news media have NO credibility left.

      • Mike Pearson says:

        Obviously you believe anything written. I didn’t read past the claims that the toppling of Saddam’s statue was a hoax. I was there, calling it a hoax is a lie, and anything after that can’t be trusted.

        With all of this attention on Assad using chemical weapons I haven’t heard a single report of him denying that usage. If you were a dictator and your country was about to be bombed into the stone age over use of chemical weapons that didn’t happen, I am pretty sure you would publicly deny the use. Assad hasn’t in anything I have seen. There is your sign.

      • Craig Ramage says:

        That’s what happens when you (yes we can) drink too much Kool-Aid ;)

    • WHAT?????
      Don’t you get it????
      The Syrian Rebels did the unthinkable, not Assad., with weapons supplied by the Saudis.

    • Dave says:

      You want to get involved in another war because of made up facts, where in F**K do you think we have the money to pay for this, kill all the senior citizens to use the social security money. Have you even been to war, it’s stupid. It is a war between Assad and the Muslim Brotherhood, not our problem. Our problem is building a country strong enough economically and with sufficient military might, that when we really need to use it, we will have it. There will always be some petty demonic crazy bastard of a dictator [there are many now] that kill their people, we are not and can not be the life guard of the world.

      • Mike Pearson says:

        Actually, the use of chemical weapons anywhere in the world is very much so our problem. The problem is that the UN is supposed to handle this and they don’t. Just because the UN has their head up their ass doesn’t mean the US should stand by and allow innocent civilians to be murdered when we can stop it from happening.

        I have actually been to war to answer that particular question. Please enlighten me about what is ‘stupid’ about war. Saying war is ‘stupid’ has absolutely no meaning and context. Who can debate whether war is ‘stupid’ when you don’t define what you mean. I can’t imagine you are intending that war is lacking in intelligence as the word ‘stupid’ implies, as war itself can’t have intellect.

        If you really think that we should do nothing, then I ask you if you would like to live in Syria right now? If you wouldn’t live there for fear of being killed by chemical weapons, then I guess I have to say you don’t stand behind your opinion very strongly that we should do nothing.

      • donna smith says:

        Amen and thank you.I agree fully

      • nick says:

        war = more money duhhhh… thats why warmongering is profitable.

      • hater-of-human-warfare says:

        “Have you even been to war, it’s stupid.” “…There will always be some petty demonic crazy bastard of a dictator,…”

        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Those are among the most logical and accurate statements I’ve read in months. It is a shame so many people are so stupid and so easily ‘puppeted’.

        These war struggles are leading to the destruction of humanity as we know it–and some of you are too stupid to know you are helping bring that on by your jumping on the ‘kill kill kill’ bandwagon.

        The US (and those who control the US) are trying to control two things: 1) prevention of the complete destruction of the US economy ie protect their own wealth by taking from others and 2) control weapon fuels.

        They think the last man standing will be the one to hold on to weapon fuels until the time such fuels no longer exist. So they are doing everything possible to insure petro is controlled by the US. This means killing civilians and anyone else who ‘gets in the way’ of this objective.

        This war is not against other warriors. It is against innocent men, women, and children who have no clue of what is really going on in the background, and who have no involvement in the chaos whatsoever. Heck, killing and raping isolated farmers who don’t even have tv sets to know why ‘foreigners’ have invaded their lands stealing their flock, killing their sons, raping their wives and daughters is ‘heroic’? I don’t think so!

        Sadly, you ‘puppets’ are chanting along to destabilize governments, attack and kill the masses ‘in revenge’ for crap the people had nothing to do with–all because the propaganda machine has misled you.

        You are idiots. Sadly you’ll realize that only when it is too late. For all of us.

        Your actions to ‘fix’ and ‘save’ the USA are going to have the reverse effect. The US economy IS going to destabilize. It cannot continue in its present form. So, after the war to grab the wealth of other nations ends and fails to produce peace and prosperity, the next war will be against the major religions, to grab the trillions of dollars of horded, untaxed resources just sitting in the coffers of those churches [I’m all for that btw]. And unfortunately that will mean destruction of humanity–because lunatic churches have a history of fighting back against governments [oh, if only they’d go peacefully].

        The war is leading to eventual chaos. The only way to stop it is to stop playing into the hands of lunatic leaders and propagandists. But you won’t. You can’t. You’re puppets. The sad thing is, real puppets have no choice. But you do. Sadly, your being led along is by choice. That’s stupid.

      • mattoid says:

        Mike Pearson;
        the main reason the UN is unable to act is because the USA has repeatedly vetoed UN Security Council proposals, and is in fact by far the most frequent user of the veto.

    • Merriel says:

      Hey Yes we can, now we shouldn’t Syria is NOT a threat to the USA and we need to stay out of their affairs. This is all about obama and not our country.

      • Merriel says:

        I made a mistake, NO we shouldn’t

      • eee says:

        I don’t know why I don’t see an option to reply to Mike Pearson but that is my intention. Your response makes perfect sense, thank you. I don’t know if news media is fabricating stories to move us along towards a military strike. I don’t know if the rebels or the leaders in Syria are responsible for using chemical weapons on their own people, but I know we have a responsibility as human beings to at least get to the bottom of this, discover the truth if it’s possible and punish the people responsible. It’s a sticky situation. If you help over-throw the government we may find that the new regime has more problems than the old. We’ve run into this when we’ve tried to manipulate who comes into power in a country. Its back fired more than once and we discover years later that the oppressed has become the oppressor.

        I’m not a proponent of going to war or military action unless it’s absolutely unavoidable, but I read something the other day on Facebook that really got me thinking. A “person” who claimed to be Christian stated ” Those of us that believe that they are best left to themselves, believe that US interference in the Middle East is simply ANOTHER recipe for disaster in an area that already despises us and what we DO stand for. If we leave them alone, at least we won’t lose soldiers fighting a battle that will NEVER be won. There will ALWAYS be an Islamic nut job that will try to destroy us as a country. They are already weakening us by dividing us on THIS issue. Those people simply THINK differently than the rest of the world, priorities are different and their view of the human condition is quite skewed. I have watched this over the last 35 years and NOTHING has changed, just the names. You need to get your head out of the clouds, (my name). That ‘virus’ over there simply needs to let itself die out.

        And I started wondering what people think if it was happening here, to our families and our children? Or let’s say, Canada decided to start gassing people who were proponents of French Canada succeeding from Canada. Would the reaction be the same? I highly doubt it. I look to my girls and I’m so grateful that we could take walks at night in our neighborhood without worrying about being killed because I don’t always agree with our government. Let’s face it, as a nation we are tired of war and we should be. It’s taken a financial and human toll. But that doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to atrocities. We can’t, because that is the true virus. If we allow it to happen, unchecked, then what’s next? It’s easy to convince ourselves that they are so much different over there then here, but at the end of the day, as human beings we should be outraged that chemical warfare still exists in any form – anywhere.

    • yuri ken says:

      You’re so fake that Barbie is more real than you

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  115. cbottle says:

    This looks to be a fake video that has been spliced. There original is here from 2012? Forward to 2 minutes in:

  116. Glenn Mason says:

    YES,have notice some of those gas actors laying on the ground writhing in pain,but get up real fast when they are in the spot light.Any tragedy that CNN shows now days is all staged,by them,by the government,not to report news but to Create more NEWS,
    As most could not get jobs else where where you work to get news,not stage to create news.

  117. Pingback: CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors | Clackamas Point of View

  118. AdamC says:

    I’m caught. I love a good “gotcha” for CNN. The “Communist News Network” or the “President D’Jour News Network”. They love to bash Bush but they never did back then. Now they won’t speak a word against Obama. Here’s what you are dealing with though. Most of the rebels are Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Extremists. At the same time, Assad is a tyrant as well and no doubt equally as brutal to his political adversaries. Obama knows that the rebels are the Brotherhood. He has never made any move against the Brotherhood whatsoever. Which makes me speculate as to his association with them. I would just as soon not get involved one way or the other. As a conservative and as a Christian I pity and pray for the innocents that are injured or killed or orphaned or widowed by the hostilities. War is hell. I stand against any and all forms of terrorism and call it what it is. Evil. God’s judgment will not be on the side of those who kill in His name or in the name of your god. I do believe they are different but I respect your right to have that belief. In any event I long for an end to all hostilities when all peoples can lay down their hatred of one another based out of race, religion, politics, etc. I long for the day when all things are made new. I long for the day when all children can run and play in perfect health in a land which no sorrow comes. No war is waged. No death is found. I don’t know what the future holds regarding your country and our country. Of all the people polled only 9% of the people here in the states are in favor of intervening in your affairs. I don’t know if that will matter to the play callers in the end. In any event the people of Syria and of all nations ravaged by war are in my thoughts and prayers and I ask that God would surround the innocents with His angels and hide them. Or take them home quickly and have mercy upon them.

    • Wilton Roberts says:

      Adam, you’re not in touch with reality. The world will never be as you invision it. At some point you have to choose sides and take a stand. It’s time we treat the muslim world like what they are, sworn enemies of all non muslims. We not only need to stay out of Syria, but out of the middle east. While we’re at it, we need to get the hell out of the UN. There WILL come a day when UN troops will invade this country to impose the will of other nations upon us. Likely with the complicity of our own government! It’s for damn sure our current government does not have the best interest of this country at heart!

  119. Mohammad says:

    As much as I don’t agree with the U.S invading Syria, you people are fucking paranoid. He probably made this video to make it look staged. Paranoid conspiracy theorist, schizophrenic freaks.

    • Tom says:

      Lol, its one thing to be a little paranoid and seek alternate views to the mainstream media (especially when theres alot of credible evidence suggesting CNN have been doing this for years), its a whole other and far more serious delusion to discredit a theory with totally irelevant and ridiculous statement such as ‘maybe he made this video to make it look staged’. How does that make any sense whatsoever? If I were you, id check the actual definition of schizophrenic before making Ad hominem arguments….

      • BeachN says:

        Most of the citizens are aware of this happening many times over.. The research has been done already and there will be no convincing anyone until you take the time to discover how our government operates and has been operating for years yourself. Those who know need not convince anyone of anything…The rest of the country will wake up eventually as those doing the staging become more and more careless.. I knew of none of this until the BP disaster came along then I lived the lies and saw it first hand. I have since learned way too much and have gotten where I can almost predict when out government will cause something to happen to get backing for their agendas.. I have predicted a few already.

      • vc50er says:

        I think you would be very surprised at just how close America is to a revelation. The government is totally corrupt. I think they are trying to see just how much money they can all steal before the ship sinks.

    • jazoo5 says:

      Where u been all this time……ur paranoia seem way to large.
      u r not sure urself by use of “probably” but then all are conspiracy theorist and schizophrenic freaks…..

      Its not necessary to use every word u add in ur vocabulary.

    • jazoo5 says:

      Where u been all this time……ur paranoia seem way to large.
      u r not sure urself by use of “probably” but then all are conspiracy theorist and schizophrenic freaks…..

      Its not necessary to use every word u add in ur vocabulary.

    • yuri balls in your mouth says:

      Your family tree is a cactus because everybody on it is a prick

  120. Jen says:

    I have Christian friends from Church. I am an Orthodox Christian in a multi-ethnic parish. These friends have family from Syria near Damascus (and also in Egypt. Palestine, etc.) The Rebels are slaughtering the Christians there. Their current leader is tolerant of minorities. If the Muslims rebels have their way (and our help) and over throw this religiously tolerant government…it will be a Christian blood bath. Not only are these Christian from Syria, but also displaced Christians from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other places where Christians have been “removed”. It’s a very sad situation. The Christians there do not want America involved.

  121. JM - passerby says:

    coached not coaxed….

  122. Larry says:

    It’s really sad

  123. Borg Alliance says:

    CNN and Honey Boo Boo are simply the same quality of television!

  124. well thats it for me i will never watch CNN again!and i hope they fire Anderson Cooper.

  125. Mahboob Khan says:

    Syria is an Islamic brotherly country. I have been to Syria many times in connection with tennis tournaments. I have found the Syrians great, friendly, people. They say Damascus is one of the oldest cities on planet earth; it’s the center of human civilization. However, Bashar’s father Hafiz al-Assad ruled Syria with iron hand for decades and now Bashar never lets go. These Muslim Rulers have special appetite for power and eventually put themselves and their country into trouble.

    Having said, the role of the Media is to convey the story not to fabricate it. CNN is known for fabricating stories and it’s high time that the Americans may like to take cognizance of this fact. CNN fabricates stories to pave the ground for war so that little is spent on education, sports, economy, etc.

    “Four sorrows are certain to be visited on the United States. Their cumulative effect guarantees that the U.S. will cease to resemble the country outlined in the Constitution of 1787.
    First, there will be a state of perpetual war, leading to more terrorism against Americans wherever they may be and a spreading reliance on nuclear weapons among smaller nations as they try to ward off the imperial juggernaut.

    Second is a loss of democracy and Constitutional rights as the presidency eclipses Congress and is itself transformed from a co- equal ‘executive branch’ of government into a military junta.
    Third is the replacement of truth by propaganda, disinformation, and the glorification of war, power, and the military legions.

    Lastly, there is bankruptcy, as the United States pours its economic resources into ever more grandiose military projects and shortchanges the education, health, and safety of its citizens.”
    Chalmers Johnson, Sorrows of Empire.

    In the four sorrows the Media plays a major role.

  126. misssubmistressrose says:

    Wow. Wag the Dog anyone? I have shared this story on my page, …..will continue to search for reliable alternative news to fight this propaganda! Love is needed, not war. I am so sad for the people of Syria, and those trying to make profit off of death, plain and simple.

  127. Keri Green says:

    They all should be hung by the nearest Cherry Tree.

  128. CNN should hang their heads in shame America no longer trust our own media When you have lost credibility with the public your talk shows and media segments become nothing more than scripted non reality TV ………………… I am one of Many

  129. Robert Greene says:

    CNN needs to get their s_ _ t together. Their lives can cost us the lives of our militia and the citizens of the countries they lie about. The lives of our Military(men and women) are too important to let CNN get away with their lies. Really disappointing for the Media to be so desperate for drama that they fake what we see and hear as gospel.

  130. BJ says:

    Its like the song says “when the own the information they can bend it all they want” and the bend the hell out of it. All the stuff the go on about forever is mostly lies to distract from the cover ups> Benghazi, Obamacare, IRS, drones and the others.

  131. Michael Rocker says:

    What a joke. There is no date/time code here so it’s not like someone with the right equipment can’t edit this piece to what ever they like. This is more like a Fox new slant

  132. Wow! !! That’s Crazy,, I don’t understand! !! Why are we going through this type of behavior. Its senseless. They don’t have no respect for the dead at all. That’s ashame. I feel sorry for people like that, they must be really bored with themselves.

  133. It is too easy for the media and politicians to lie to we, the American public. Understand that the people have little to do with what our government does, even though our Constitution was set up quite differently. I appreciate stories like this. At the very least it lets the viewers know what the truth is (or at least a possible alternative) because we know that we don’t see it often in our media (ie. the way we know they have covered O’s behind so many times by covering a story with political slants or by not covering it at all). Keep telling the truth!

  134. Elden Morris says:

    This is nothing new. William Randolph Hurst did it in 1898 to sell papers to promote the invasion of Cuba with the battle cray of “Remember the Maine” referring to the USS Maine that blew up in Havana Harbor.

  135. Donald Blake says:

    Sorry I immediate reject anything that uses the word Zionist, good luck with the whole people killing each other thing.

  136. alkidya says:

    CNN= Obama’s Official “Communist News Network”

    • Jeffro says:

      CNN was Clinton’s LONG before this!!… More a “Corporate Nanny Network” these days; Misleading the world as the “educating ” entity in bed with whoever wants to pay for the graft and corruption it can provide. Watering down the minds of the sheeple from the stream of their own mental decay…

  137. Denise says:

    Can you say “Wag the Dog”?

  138. thomas says:

    Anderson cooper, you my friend are a liar BUT NOT near as good as the tyrant or Hillary, you should be jailed as a war monger or baiter, now you are as low as CNN, may your pants be filled with a 1000 fleas

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  141. Reblogged this on Ace News Services and commented:
    #syria judge for yourselves how news can either be honestly broadcast or provided to slant in favour of the mass media or in some cases political manipulation! #peace

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