Syrian Woman Raped in Turkish Refugee camps by Obama backed Terrorists

Turkish camps have become detention centers for rape and torture as Syrian women who returned to their homes stressed they were the victims of rape by armed terrorist groups and some Turkish Soldiers.

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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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30 Responses to Syrian Woman Raped in Turkish Refugee camps by Obama backed Terrorists

  1. michaelgoguen says:

    non-muslim publication, well respected source.

    for a little backgrounder, check out this:

    US torture training and counter insurgency school (that’s right, they train them in AMERICA, then send them all over the world to crush resistance to their empire, by creating terror by torturing and supressing legitimate resistance to puppet regimes by the people)

    if you read about gary webb and cia drug trafficking here:

    you will find interesting things which support the legitimacy of this:

    so for an american covert false flag against americans post 9-11, exposed by a paramedic, step by step, check here:

    :/ anyways, the important thing is to keep finding ways to support yourself and your community, strengthen local economies and community, and become more independent from the power holders…
    the more independent you are, the easier it becomes to ‘withdraw your support’ when they misstep and make wrong choices…

  2. michaelgoguen says:

    syria false flag:

    (short clips):
    war is a racket, smedley butler
    false flag and countergang tactic: everything you need to know about the war on terror

    who has the power, corruption, and where it comes from (mainstream western news source:)
    (news anchor loses it of the best possible reason, political and economic analysis:)

    (massive) corruption of banks, elites in mainstream news (trillions of dollars stolen):
    summary of banking problems (by 12 year old girl, speech):

    longer movies for context:
    the weight of chains (pattern of using r2p responsibility 2 protect doctrine as pretexts for invasions, economic takeover):

    summary of process in 3 min by former economic hitman (watch the animation, lots of stuff aren’t said explicitly):

    dirt on current us gov’t etc (although honestly, just look at ANY whistleblowers, wikileaks and assange, the cia guy who blew the whistle on torture, etc – the whistleblowers get targetting and go to jail, the people doing the ‘high level elites crimes’ seem immune to the supposed ‘justice’ system) r0m3y:


    You might thing this stuff is really bad. It is. But there’s more… so much more. so much that it wouldn’t be useful to dump it all on your laps, because you would be overwhelmed, and give up in despair. In short, there are powers of good fighting as well, but you would be hard pressed to believe some of this as well, even if i shared it and gave powerful evidence for it. one step at a time. your welcome.

    here is another way of thinking about the problem, and fighting back:

    there are some solutions and system solution analysis here as well:


  3. elissar hanna says:

    People ,its real ,this is happening ,women do get rape in normal cases what do you think they wont do it to them in their situation being a refugee?! come on, people kill their own brothers for cash! they eat a hyman organs for God’s sake!!
    They have brutally slaughtered an entire village ,over than 30 women got raped and killed in this particular village,dont think you they would sell them for money? they even send their wives and sisters from all over the world to have sex with Rebels in the name of God!
    And its not a religion ,sunna or shia issue its the SYRIAN OIL issue ,
    “divide and conquer” let them kill each other while that black dog along with that thing NatenSHIT are sitting down waiting Syria to be destroyed as they did in Iraq to whome he doesnt know ,yes US government and israhell is behind whats happening in Syria,and they tried to do the same in Lebanon but we know better,people are too dumb to believe the naked truth.

  4. ed says:

    Yep, fake as hell

    • What are you saying is fake??

      • aminsirias says:

        (0% of the news coming from there is fake. This is the world we live in.

      • Tara says:

        Y’all need to stop hating. The original picture was unattached- all of these stories are true and SOOO much worse than any of you can imagine. I have a friend in Syria, and they fight every day and are gunned down, dragged off and the ‘terrorist’ groups there are nothing but evil. They live in fear of their lives and there is not one day without a lot of violence and gunfire. Mainstream Media are the liars, they are paid to lie and tell you what you are wanted to believe. If you don’t believe in independent, and amateur grassroots journalism and getting the true story- because you sure aren’t going to get it on main stream anywhere- especially in the US – then just get off the page and the blog. Some of us truly appreciate to hear truth from people that are actually there and not paid to lie.

      • aminsirias says:

        If you know media lies, how can you pick and choose what is lie and what is not? You have no authority over the information that is fed to you through the television. You can’t just believe something is true because it fits your idea of what should be true. It is all lies.

  5. This film is not fake. The photo sent to us has been removed and thank you to everyone who alerted us to the fact that it was fake.

  6. anna says:

    shame shame shame god bless these people

  7. Leslie, you have no Idea who God is……… Christians God is The One True Almighty God, the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit………. who is ” Only One God”, Our Lord Jesus Christ………….

  8. tinus terminator says:

    Why th hell are syrian soldiers hiding from big airships made in area 51?
    Usa is real terrorist
    Rebels are actors and c.i.a

    Fight assad fight
    Hollow earth is real and assad is being robbed for his oil

  9. Barry Stones says:

    This is over 3 yearsw old…Looks like propoganda for someone to me!

    • The story of the woman on fire was removed as soon as we found out it was fake. The story of the women being raped on a daily basis is true. In Syria and in the refugee camps.

      • Tim Carr says:

        God will bring death on all these gang rapists, individual rapists, even as we see in india those gang rapist murderers are about to face the hang mans noose.Jesus came into the world to save sinners, by dying on the cross in thier place, but justice is part of Jesus teaching and must be carried out, just look at his whipping the thieves in the temple..

  10. gary says:

    they are lower than pig SHI&

  11. Mrs. says:

    Shaun Moth II: the photo header may have been from another story but do you know the story itself is untrue?

    • This is just one example of women being raped in refugee camps. The image used before turned out to be from something else. The fact remains that women are being raped by the terrorists that have infiltrated the refugee camps. You will notice on many occasions that the terrorist flags fly at the camps and many of the women are forced to cover up, unlike the women that you see that remain in Syria at the rallies who are not covered. Sometimes it looks as if the people in the camps come from a different country as the every day women in Syria dress so differently.

  12. Matt Hagel says:

    animals,every last one of them ,Muslims are of the devil …end of story ,,,do we need more proof i think not ..

    • yuri Emperor Bacchus says:


    • Leslie Ann says:

      Yes in one way you are correct….In this universe Allah is eternally is Amon who come through the dark way into this universe, meaning he is also a dark lord but in the other dimensions of this universe it is Orca who plays the Islamic God Allah….And as angels our God is Orca too…Although many Christians have a false demi god by the name of Solten and he is another part to Amon…We as Christians should also believe in Orca the creator, and his daughter Sarrah co creator…Today is her birthday!!!!

      • Tawanna White says:

        Leslie, I think you have no idea what a real Christian is!

      • elissar hanna says:

        Seriously ?!!
        youre joking right? how do you know that and you worship a man! Allah isnt AMON or any etc.. Allah is the creator of the universe,creator of ISSA { Jesus } the man you think hes son of God.
        Theres is only one GOD,never been born ,never had kids,theres no other like him!

      • No Name says:

        I find irony in your words…someone elses for sure…look up ISIS and not the terrorist group…they are copy cats…like many others in history…but it is the Mother of Egypt…
        and then we have Mother Mary with Jesus…seems to me science is proving with evidence you cannot deny that religions were created to ‘tame mankind’…so there…
        Now all this crap going on is just a propaganda to get folks to get pissy and do something stupid…not happening…when shit hits the fan you will smell it a mile away!

    • nooralhaqiqa says:

      Wrong! Look to the conflict in the Middle East and ask yourself Cui Bono? We all agree it is NOT the Muslims…. it is Israel. And its servant/companion America. The Muslim world suffers under Israeli harassment as do we all.

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