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VETËVENDOSJE ! is following closely and with concern for the issue of import from Syria in the Republic of Albania to combat a quantity of chemicals in order to destroy them.

1464611_10200708984720415_1876735647_nAs Albanians , are concerned about the lack of official information on this matter . In their statements , Edi Rama and Prime Minister of External Affairs , Ditmir Bushati informed that no deal yet , but talks . These talks should be completely transparent , and people should be informed and involved in any decision making process . This issue is very delicate , natural health risks endangering the citizens as well as the territorial integrity of our country and nature . This decision may not only belong to a Government that bears the mandate of the four -year interim .

We note that the acceptance of combat poisonous Syria in Albania , also goes against international conventions…

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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.
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3 Responses to VETËVENDOSJE – Albanian Citizens say NO TO CHEMICAL WEAPONS

  1. sss says:

    why should we take syrians chemical army … who cares for america im albanian i dont gave a damm for america or other country fukkk syria keep ur own chemical army there we dont need your shit in our country and we done gave a fuck about america aswell fuck usaa is puttin every country in trouble fuck them

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