Syrian ambassador in Beijing: Only worthy outcome of Geneva 2 is fighting terrorism

Syria’s Ambassador to China Imad Mustafa said the battle Syria is fighting is not only its own battle but is that of confronting the US expansion in all areas around the world to foil Washington’s attempt to rearrange the world map in its own interest. 


“Most of the friendly countries realize that the attack on Syria doesn’t target Syria only,” Mustafa told the Chinese Xinhua news agency in an interview released Thursday.

He added that many things go beyond Syria to the Palestinian cause or Iran or the presence of super powers on the international arena.

The Syrian ambassador stressed that victory is the only option in the war it is fighting against the armed terrorist groups, warning that the international community could not afford to have terrorist groups taking over a certain country.

He underscored that Syria’s regional role is the real reason which has made some major and regional countries ally to fight it “because those believe that having Syria weakened and getting it out of the circle of resistance would enable them to impose all the solutions which the US and Israel seek in the region”.

“This is exactly what Syria seeks to prevent out of its belief that the final goal of the war on Syria aims to undermine its role in resistance to the U.S. projects in the region,” Mustafa said.

As for the international conference intended to be held on Syria on January 22, the Syrian Ambassador said any result the conference could come out with other than agreeing on fighting terrorism in Syria would be “worthless”.

“What is equally important is that the countries which sponsor the extremist thought of the terrorist groups must stop supplying these groups with weapons and halt the media and political mobilization in their favor,” Mustafa added.

He hailed the Syrian army’s role in protecting the country against terrorism, affirming that the armed forces are progressing “to fully purify all of the Syrian land from these armed groups”.

While saying that the US has made breakthroughs in the Arab arena whether in Libya, Tunisia or Egypt and believed that Syria could be up for grabs, Mustafa affirmed that Washington’s calculations proved incorrect with regard to Syria.

He asserted that Syria is standing its ground in the face of the U.S. project in the region, stressing the confidence of the Syrian people, leadership and army in victory.

“We are confident of victory and we have no other option,” the Ambassador told the Chinese news agency.

He made it clear that the Syrian people do not trust “an opposition of five-star hotels” in London and Paris and “who receive money from Arab countries”, stressing that this opposition has no representation in Syria and does not enjoy the Syrian people’s respect.

Mustafa went on saying that neither this opposition which receives its orders from the West, nor the so-called “armed opposition” can be considered real opposition.

He reiterated that the success of Geneva2, in Syria’s opinion, demands that the international forces get to convince the extremist regional forces to stop the flow of weapons and money to the armed terrorist groups along with the political and media support.

As for the issue of dismantling the Syrian chemical weapons according to the agreement signed with the international community, the Ambassador said “As far as the Syrian side is concerned, everything related to the agreement has been implemented with great success as recognized by the Organization for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons”.

He pointed out that Syria hopes that this would be a step towards making the Middle East a zone free of weapons of mass destruction, particularly the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

Ambassador Mustafa stressed that the Syrian government is committed to its legal, ethical and humanitarian role to provide all forms of assistance to the displaced Syrians inside the country an d is keen to find means that would enable the displaced citizens abroad to return home.

He described China’s position on the crisis in Syria as “honorable” as it is towards all the Arab issues in general, stressing that the Syrian people will not forget China’s stance towards their homeland.

“Almost three years from the crisis now, the certain thing today is that Syria’s future is to be determined by the Syrians themselves through a Syrian-led political process free of any interference by the Western forces and regional countries,” Mustafa concluded.

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