More BBC Lies

Fabrication in BBC Panorama’s ‘Saving Syria’s Children’

Correspondence with the BBC over allegations that the Panorama documentary ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ broadcast on 30 September 2013 included staged sequences purporting to show the aftermath of an alleged incendiary bomb attack on an Aleppo school on 26 August 2013

Second letter of complaint to BBC

Dear Gemma

Reference CAS-2348765-00RRYX

Thank you for your reply of 2 December 2013 to my letter of complaint of 4 October 2013. However it does not satisfactorily address my concerns.

You have responded to only some of the points I raised. Notably, you have not addressed:

  1. The BBC’s failure to investigate and inform its viewers of the political affiliations of Dr Rola Hallam and her charity Hand in Hand for Syria, and Dr Hallam’s putative family connections, through her father Dr Mousa  Al-Kurdi, to the Syrian National Council;
  2. The serious doubts over whether the scene of the “incendiary bomb” attack is in fact a school, rather than, as seems abundantly plain, a private residence with a swimming pool which has been clumsily stage-dressed with a single toddlers’ swing and a little girl’s shoe (which do not match the age range of the teenage “students” presented as victims);
  3. Whether the limited damage on view in the “playground”/courtyard  can plausibly be ascribed to an incendiary bomb which, as Wikipedia notes, is capable of damaging an area of 2,500 square yards;
  4. Whether 26 August, the date of the alleged attack, falls inside the Syrian school calendar, and if it does not, why this particular “school” would be populated by students during the summer holidays;
  5. Whether the nature of the alleged injuries on display can plausibly be ascribed to a “napalm-type substance”, such as you assert was used;
  6. Whether the BBC presenterfilmmakerjournalist and doctor Saleyha Ahsan, who features in the reports, had any involvement in the production or editing any of the footage.

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