Opposition Terrorist Attack Kills Women and Children

Eighteen citizens, most of them women and children, were injured by a terrorist attack in the area of ‎Bab‬ Sharqi in Damascus on Friday.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that terrorists fired two mortar shells which landed at Al-Baytara roundabout tunnel and near #Bab Sharqi gate, causing the injury of 18 civilians, including 8 women and 5 children ages between 4 and 7.

The source said that the attack caused injures of varying severity to the victim, with one little girl in a critical condition, adding that the attack also caused material damage in the area and cars.

A relative of one of the injured women, who accompanied the victim to ‎Damascus‬ Hospital, said that she and her husband, child and other relatives were sitting in a park near the tunnel when the mortar round fell, and a piece of shrapnel injured her relative and her two children.

The victim herself, who was injured in her leg by the shrapnel, said her 7-year-old twin sons were also injured, and that she often comes to this area on Friday as do many families.

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One Response to Opposition Terrorist Attack Kills Women and Children

  1. The Kid says:

    Thousand Foot Krutch – Move….Show me what you can do…
    I told that to Iran President years ago…then his crews around him said should open a nightclub…
    It is obvious that went over their heads…but he understood what it meant…smirk…big smile…

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