Terrorist is Being Charged with Funding Terrorism in Britain

What hypocrites the British government are, for funding terrorists, who are trained  and armed in Turkey and paid to kill. This same government is now charging a terrorist for funding terrorism. The terrorists they are charging, are probably being paid by the very same government, who are charging them.

Well here are a few more you can charge with funding Terrorism.

William Hague

William Hague shown with Terrorist Oppostion Leader

William Hague shown with Terrorist Oppostion Leader

William Hague has given many speeches talking about funding the terrorist oppostion. He always makes a point of saying it is non-lethal and will go to the un-armed rebels. Well Mr. Hague there are no un-armed rebels fighting in this war. They are all armed and you are funding them.

The latest leader of the opposition is an ex con, drug dealer and terrorist leader, who the US picked to take over Syria. They were scraping the barrel when they found this one. Would you let such a man become Prime Minister of UK or President of America. No, he would be in jail.

David Cameron

David Cameron: Arming repressive regimes is ‘legitimate’




Last week David Cameron claimed that weapons sales to repressive regimes are ‘legitimate and right’. Cameron’s just returned from a three-day trip to the Middle East where he revisited his role as travelling salesman for BAE Systems – this time he was trying to flog Typhoon jets to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Never mind that these are authoritarian regimes with appalling human rights records. Never mind that these are regimes which have played a shameful role in suppressing democratic uprisings in the region, including Saudi military intervention with UK-made armoured vehicles in Bahrain. Peter Luff, Cameron’s ex Defence Minister, defended the visit: “I’m not condoning human rights abuses, of course not, but …sometimes you have to be pragmatic.” Cameron promised he would ‘not hold back’ from mentioning human rights while he was there, but his real message was clear: a message of UK support for authoritarian regimes and the UK government’s willingness to do anything to promote arms company interests. – See more 

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Erdogan has been the biggest offender in this war, by funding, training and sending terrorists into Syria via Turkey. A Turkish NGO has been actively recruiting Jihadists from countries around the world.  The Turkish police raided the NGO and made arrests, only to be demoted by Erdogan for doing so.


It is no secret that Erdogan is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and has strong ties with Saudi Arabia. He is the biggest perpertrator of fuelling the war in Syria, letting the terrorists, travel back and forewards from Turkey to Syria. BBC reporters and even John McCain have entered Syria illegally through the Turkish border. His own people have been calling for him to resign, because of his actions.

Syrian terrorists labeled as opposition in Istanbul to take their new orders from Erdogan and CIA assets as well as prince Bandar Bin Sultan death itself.


The terrorists would have to bring necklaces of ears, fingers, toes, noses and anything that can prove their kills to collect the Saudi bonuses. 

For the last 10 days over 2000 terrorists were killed by one or another of the 7 terrorist groups for domination , good riddance said a Syrian villager near Aleppo, Syria.


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was calling for President Bashar Al Assad to stand down since the begining of the war. She was also responsible for the so called ‘friends of Syria’ meetings which was made up of the enemies of Syria, where they discussed the funding and arming of the terrorists.



Barack Obama

The President who has now spent over a Billion US Dollars supporting the terrorists in Syria and has now pledged more money for them.  The US have been planning this war for years. 

With the help of  Saudi Arabia who is supply the terrorists with the weapons they have purchased from the UK.


John Kerry


John McCain

John McCain is outspoken about his support for the terrorist opposition. Her we see him photographed with Al Qaeda Terrorists after being smuggled into Syria illegally, from Turkey by the group.


Ambassador Robert Ford

The American Ambassador to Syria, who founded the FSA and started the war in Syria, for his masters. Continually flying back and forwards to Turkey to make sure his terrorist army were being trained properly. 


The Syrian people were wise to what he was doing and the Embassy came under fire with eggs and tomatoes, for which Hillary Clinton said was a good reason for invasion at the time.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel has been taking the injured terrorists into their hospitals until they are well enough to be sent back into Syria. 

Not only is Israel supporting the terrorists, but they have also fired missiles at military bases in Syria. Below you will see Netenyahu visiting the Al Qaeda terrorists in hospital.


George Soros

A new book is out telling the story of how George Soros is funding terrorists and war.


Financing the Flames breaks down everything from the dollar amounts paid to convicted terrorists ($400 a month for under 3 years, $1,690 for over 10 years and $2,000 for over 15 years) to how the viral videos of Israeli soldiers clashing with civilians are staged (taunt the soldiers, insult their mothers, get right in their faces, edit out the parts that show the incitement) to how a money trail that begins with George Soros ends with violence and hate.

Francoise Hollande


Hollande has been supporting the terrorist opposition from the very start of the war and has even threatened to invade Syria alone, when other countries backed out.

He has made no secret of funding the terrorists and has been to visit them on the Turkish, Syrian border two weeks after Hillary Clinton.

Hollande also met with the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad ben Khalifa al-Thani, in 2012, to discuss Syria. The emir provided vast funding and arms for the anti-Gaddafi forces in the NATO war to topple the Libyan government last year, and Qatar is again providing funding and weapons for US-backed Syrian forces aiming to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Last and but least the countries where all the money and arms are coming from.


Sending terrorists to fight in Syria, the countries behind the Jihadists. The countries that are trying to spread Sharia Law around the world, disguisd as Freedom and Democracy, of which they have neither in their own countries, ruled by Dictators disguised as a royal family. Where human rights are non-existant and women are treated as second class citizens.

These are the countries that Western Leaders bow their heads to, all for the sake of money. They sell their arms to these monsters who use them to kill the innocent citizens in Syria. All these leaders are responsible for every single death in Syria.

They should all be locked up for wall crimes.


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  1. Lol... says:

    Lol…when you all figure out that what all the fuss is about…money…especially the Brits…you will see them in a different light…or as some like myself always seen them as clowns…for whose agenda or politics…when the dam breaks and the underground rises up…everyone better run…
    they will put all organized crime to shame…without any concurrent communications either…ouch..

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    NATO pigs and israHell , the Great World Terrorist,

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