CNN Crew Blow Up Syrian Pipeline To Blame on Government


CNN destroy the pipeline which gives fuel to the Syrian people and then laugh about doing so. Do these people deserve to go to jail? What do you think?

Without CNN the pipeline would not have been destroyed. The Syrian people suffer because of CNN actions. If the media did not show all the terrorists films, innocent people would not have been killed. The media have blood on their hands for every death which has happened in Syria. They should be tried for war crimes, because they are the cause of thousands of deaths.


What would the US call it if a team of journalist went into their country and blew up a pipeline just to make a news story. They would be sent Guantanamo Bay as terrorists, yet it is ok for the US to enter other countries illegally and cause terrorist act.


You can understand now why Syria is against the media being being in the country, when this is how the behave. These three should all be charged with acts of terrorism. The USA started with the war on terror and now the are the ones who are the terrorists. Double standards all round.

7 Responses to CNN Crew Blow Up Syrian Pipeline To Blame on Government

  1. Accept We Choose to have no alternatives says:

    It’s either NWO or Bashar Order or Russian resurgent order. Moreover The entire region has been a flashpoint for hundreds of decades, poor people. Now, including the last few hundred years, as long as we rely on fossil fuels the region will continue in the path of turmoil. It’s time people realise media conglomerates don’t really report anymore, they sell advertising space. Whether we like it or not, we as consumers of products perpetuate this, unknowingly – or knowingly. So back to the reporters, I seriously doubt theY blew up the pipeline, but EVEN if they did, people will FLICK to the next channel showing their favourite reality show, Arab Idol bloopers, etc. no one Cares about the Syrian conflict, it’s the World Cup and ISIS fever.

  2. Unbrainwashed says:

    Right. Journalists blowing up a pipeline! Do you have any proof? Let’s see it. Otherwise this is fearmongering..something, I dunno, extremist groups eat for breakfast everyday. But, you’re smart though, because you know journalists routinely set up cameras pointing over skylines at night and day. But it sounds like you’ll believe anything. Did you know Syria was actually part of Japan once?

    Enjoy your dictator who kills his own people in the name of righteousness. Sounds like he needs more of your blind support!

    • CNN filming themselves doing it is proof enough

    • Canthama says:

      Yep, it has happened before with CNN indeed in Syria, the proved pathetic Matt Van Dyke interview where he was staging bombs in the background to sound he was in battle. BTW, this is one of the oldest TV Channel trick to push for a Government agenda or get higher audiences visa a vis the US TV Channel inspirational “guru”, Goebels, has done in Nazi Germany. I think you if you realy try to open a bit your mind you will be able to see some of the lies the ordinary people get every day from the NWO main stream media, you are a smart person, you can do it.

  3. tadonna says:

    I would just like to say i am deeply sorry for this, please note that not all Americans support our goverment actions in this and other wars that has been going on, the truth is, it is more about money then any thing and i am deeply sorry for all of Syrians and any one else that has been hurt due to this conflict. In America we our coming near to kicking the goverments out of office they have been taking over by the groups called free masons and they our for the New World Order, and the only way, The New world order can happen if they have full control over all 3rd worlds, and other places that does not have free masons in office.. its really kind of sick.. ( I do not look at Syria as a 3rd world) but because they do not use a SSN they are on the hit list. (all about control).. The fight is about the NEW WORLD ORDER. Many people reading this would think it’s a joke, but in truth it is not.

  4. Canthama says:

    Incredible this report has not been widely used over youtube, this is indeed disgusting and it shows how the media is corrupted to the powerful interests. The good news is that it can always be caught….surely they will all be caught in their lies.

  5. kaz says:

    It is disgusting . This is not right and i hope they are exposed . Watch the enviroment people they are not to be trusted .

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