Free Palestine

Palestinian girl flagged up by the Zionist military vehicle to assault her and remove her hijab

Watch the Animal Israeli Soldiers, Israel backed by the USA.


12 Responses to Free Palestine

  1. carmen says:

    Jew kikes are dogs-gas them all!
    Friends in Australia of Palestine agree!!

  2. Jason says:

    Israel belongs to the Jewish people, the palistians are gypsies, they can go to jordon were they belong

    • yuri KENTAUROI says:

      a dog born in a stable does not make it a Horse,New Genetic Study Reportedly Proves Khazar Ancestry For Ashkenazi Jews,Shmarya Rosenberg •

  3. David says:

    I back Israel 100%..The so called palestinians where allied with Hitler during WW2 and never changed their agenda ever since..Now they like to portray themselves as victims while they are the aggressors from day one. The Jews lived in Israel centuries before anyone would ever consider calling themselves muslims..Palestine has never been a sovereign country anytime in history, only a region of the world, but not a country. Even the jews were called Palestinians before the inception of israel. If the Palestinians stopped sending rockets, peace will be achieved.

  4. Claudio Dönitz says:

    “Obama Gives Medal Of Freedom To Israel’s Peres”

    What a joke. Obama gives the Medal of Freedom to one of those responsable for the captivity of millions of palestinians.

  5. notbelieving thelies says:
  6. notbelieving thelies says:

    US policy backs Israel, most Americans do not. And those that do, only do so out of prejudice toward all Muslims.

    On the other hand the whole world is against al Assad too

  7. notbelieving thelies says:

    US policy backs Israel, but most Americans do not.
    Those that do, do so because of their bigotry toward all Muslims.

    Obama claimed he wanted to see Israel borders go back to the 1967 borders. We will see if he was telling the truth

  8. notbelieving thelies says:

    What do you know, something we can agree on.

    Yes, I also believe Israel should get the h*** out of the Gaza strip and any other parts of Palestine.

    It is a crime against humanity that Israel won’t even allow humanitarian aid to Palestinians. And that the US supports them

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